This Week Exclusive: A Chat with ‘Mrs. USA Inter-Nations 2018-2019’ Krupalatha Martin Dass

Bengaluru, December 12, 2018: Social Entrepreneur and Founder of SUKRUPA, Ms. Krupalatha Martin Dass represented the United States of America in the Mrs. InterNations 2018-2019 contest for Global Empowered Women organised by Bahmish Pre. Ltd. in Singapore, and she won two titles. Mrs. INTERNATIONS USA 2018-219 and first runner-up Classic Mrs. INTERNATIONS 2018-2019

This Week India had an exclusive interaction with Krupa and here is what she had to say

1. Tell us more about the pageant, and your thoughts on participating in it?

Participating in the Mrs. Inter-Nations pageant was a great experience. We were 33 participants and how each one was willing to help the other was a wonderful feeling. Especially for me since I am not from the modelling field, but a social entrepreneur, it gave me a chance to learn more about myself.

My greatest take away was that a whole-hearted participation and giving the best irrespective of the outcome is the most important.

2. Tell us more about your childhood and school days?

As a young girl I loved reading. Books were my world and my friends. Reading made me happy and gave a different perspective of life.

I grew up in a middle-class family in a small industrial neighbourhood, Magadi Road in Bangalore India. During the 70's, the society was dominated by men and the women had very little or no opportunities.

However, I certainly had an extraordinary childhood since my parents ensured very good education for me and instilled in me a strong value system. Life was filled with giving, sharing, caring and helping those in need. We are a family of evangelists for education and we have been helping women in distress. From my parents I learnt that excellence comes from giving the best.

3. You’ve been an avid traveller too, what has travelling taught you?

As a non-resident Indian and living in the USA, traveling to different countries has constantly exposed me to different global perspectives. I enjoy travelling as it allows me to experience variety of culture, language, history, cuisines and meeting interesting people. Travel has inspired me to try International cuisines at home and host my friends with variety of spreads. I can proudly call myself a Global Citizen.

4. What is your advice to the women / girls of today?

I feel that being born as a woman is the greatest gift, because women are tolerant, loving, compassionate, strong and born-givers. Each one must stand up for what they believe in, and that is how we all could contribute towards making the world a better place.

5. Who is your role model and why?

I have many role models, the very first being my mother where I learnt compassion and giving. From my father I learnt to be an evangelist for education. Gandhi Ji inspired me to practice honesty.

The play 'All my sons’ by Arthur Miller inspired me to treat all children like my own. Dominique Lapier’s City of Joy taught me the gripping truth about life in slum.

6. What according to you is the one thing that is a major hindrance for the youth to grow?

Digital addiction is a major hindrance for the youth now. Social media keeps people together when they are far away. However, the addiction and comfort that it brings separate the people and  deprive them of the much needed interpersonal relationships.

7. Your mantra to success?

Follow your dream, commit to your passion, give the best, never give up.

8. Your message to our readers?

I believe Education is the magic that brings empowerment and equality socially, economically and culturally and above all gender equality.  Every educated individual can create that magic in the life of a child who does not have the means to make their dreams come true.

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