Towards Resource Resilient India

Mumbai 16th November 2017: The 1st day of two day conference on ‘Towards Resource Resilient India’ organised by the Indian National Association - Club Of Rome was inaugurated by Vice Admiral, Girish Luthra, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, ADC- Flag Officer Commanding- in- Chief, Western Naval Command, Indian Navy, Government of India. The two day annual event will see a host of other dignitaries and domain experts participating in various discussions that attempts to probe for solutions to a vitally important questions relating to the use of both biotic and abiotic natural resource.

Naturalresources weather they are  minerals, energy, water or air, are a drivingforce for the economy and a major, long-term concern for our society, not onlyin terms of supply but also of the management of their industrial cycle and theenvironmental impact of their use.

The two dayconference will embark on various debates under four themes- ResourceEfficiency, Resource Inclusivity, Resource Security and Resource use Impactthrough different plenary sessions.

Commentingon the same Mr. S. Ramadorai, Chairman, Indian National Association Club ofRome – India said, “Everything we can measure tells us that, without creativeaction, natural systems supporting economies and livelihoods across the planetrisked collapse. We are putting unsustainable pressure on our planet. The needof the hour is to use our natural resources in a way that allows them to bereplenished at the rate we consume them. We have to make the best possible useof resources available to us on Earth – learning to use them in an efficientand sustainable manner. So resource efficiency is a commercial imperative.”

The threedifferent dimensions - ecological, economical and ethnological (i.e. social orcultural) are associated with natural resources. If a natural resource isrequired to be used, its use must be physically possible, economically viableand culturally acceptable.

Commentingon the same Ranjit Barthakur, Secretary General, Indian National AssociationClub of Rome – India, Adviser, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Trustee, BaliparaFoundation said, “Sustainable use of the environment and ensuring fair,equitable access to genetic resources is part of the picture, sincewell-managed ecosystems were critical for economic functioning.

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