The maiden showing of the works of artist Jyoti Tyagi at the Lalit Kala Akademi drew considerable attention, partly because of its expressive and personalised content, being the depictions of the artist’s inner transformations through art. The event which was inaugurated by Shri Advaita Gadanayak Director General, National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi, and Shri Ravindra Verma, a noted veteran artist of the city, attracted attention through the finesse of the exhibition layout, the technical language of this budding artist and the expressive awakening of the mental process that was achieved with aplomb, through the entire get-up of the event.

The show was pertinent because of the attention and encouragement it drew from a number of senior artist-teachers like Shri Anandmoy Banerjee, art connoisseur Shri Jitendra Hazarika and noted art maker Ram Chandra Pokale, who has been instrumental in guiding this budding art maker through her decade-long foray into art making. Besides the art fraternity, the works drew the attention of interested visitors who remarked on the expressive nature of her feminine forms, the serenity exuded by her choice of colours and the execution of her theme of inner repose. Even members of the corporate world, who were privy to the exhibits in the show, found linkages with their work style as they viewed works depicting a gnarled and bent-over tree, suggestive of resilience in the wake of resistance, without actually uprooting themselves from one’s core principles.

The exhibition marks the start of a long and promising move adhered as more and more artists have gone back inspired  with the entire experience of viewing these works by artist Jyoti Tyagi.    

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