Trio students celebrate the literary prowess of Kabir Das

Tuesday, May 22, 2017: In a themed event called the Kabir Porject, students of Trio World Academy familiarized themselves with the literary works of Kabir Das, a 15th century Indian mystic poet. The project aimed at discovering Kabir through the many facets of self, especially the reflective self and the Artistic self. The students explored the literary wealth of Kabir’s doha’s, sang them and engaged in a conversation about the subjectivity of its meaning. In addition to this, some students also translated the poems into their native languages in order to share them with a larger audience.

Kabir was a renownedreformer of his time and is known for his criticism of various ideologies. Hisperceptions were not restricted to a certain group or ideology. The Kabirproject, an initiative by Primary and Middle school students of Trio, exploredhow his poetry interconnects with ideas of cultural identity, secularism,nationalism, religion, love and impermanence.

 “It is important for the students to developtheir own perspectives about the literature available for them. The KabirProject was one initiative to familiarize them with one of the most influentialpoets of the 15th century and spark their interest in literature.Kabir is known for his Dohas that laid bare the realities of the world andexploring these literary works helped our students to get in tune with variedperspectives of the literary world." said KM Naveen, Managing Director,Trio World Academy.

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