Trio World Academy student spreads message on conservation of nature

Bangalore, March 13, 2018: In an endeavor to save nature, Saaket Ram Kavuri, a second grade student from Trio World Academy has planted around 34 saplings recently of myriad varieties in CV Raman Nagar, Ulsoor Lake and Rajarajeshwari Nagar. The Trio kid who is seven years old has a very clear life goal that he wants to be a gardener when he grows up.

Saaketembarked on his green mission when he was four years old, on his visit to hisgrandmother. Saaket spent hours in the garden watering plants, pulling out theweeds and plucking vegetables. Saaket thinks that lake beds would be an ideal placefor the plantings with the gradual crunching of the city space and cut down ongreenery to support accommodation. 

Speaking onSaaket’s initiatives Mr. Naveen K M, Managing Director, TRIO WorldSchool said, “Trio always ensures its students to learn new skills, havefun, play and develop self-confidence. By spending time in the garden, tendingplants and growing their own food, students will learn to respect and preservenature. We in Trio encourage our students in activity based learning and we believethat it is everyone’s duty to preserve Mother Nature that supports life. 

“After mystudies, I want to become a gardener and take care of all the trees. I want tolive in a place which is full of greenery. People are cutting trees and thecity’s greenery is getting lost. This is why I want to plant saplings and takecare of them”, adds Saaket. 

Mr. AnantKavuri father of Saaket says,” We leave Saaket on a free hand and support himon all his needs. We believe devoting children in gardens changes lives notonly for the kids, but for the school, families and the community. ″ 

Saaketregularly visits the area to nurture the saplings. Whenever he goes, he watersthe plants and ensures that the fencing is intact. He also engages in gardeningat his apartment complex and invites his friends to join in. He wants to pursuehis passion in his leisure or during vacations.

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