Trio World Academy students volunteer at refugee camp in France

Bangalore, April 17, 2018: The students of Trio World Academy had a memorable two-week long educational trip to France and volunteered at the Refugee help French NGO Utopia 56 in Calais, in the northern tip of France. They had an opportunity to contribute their bit and spent a few days working intensively at the Auberge des migrants or refugee hostel warehouses in Calais, where Utopia 56 operates in Calais.

Their tasks mainly included sorting clothes that had come inas donation for the refugee settlements in Calais. During their volunteering,Trio students also attended a field training course organized by Utopia 56 onhow to work on the field for the betterment of refugees getting educated on thedos and don’ts while interacting with refugees. As most of the students werestill under-18, they were not authorized to go to the refugee settlement sitesaccording to French laws. However, they did meet few refugees at the Aubergedes migrants Warehouse site with whom they were able to generally interact. Onthe last day of their volunteering, Trio students made a large sign-board forUtopia56 with all their creative and artistic skills. 

“It’s a great feeling to be indirectly helping the refugeeseven though we don’t get to see who these clothes will go to, because we knowthat we have helped them keep warm from the cold” said Tushara, studentof Year 1 IB Diploma

“It’s a place full of young people who have come asvolunteers from everywhere, from France, England, Austria, Singapore. There’smusic playing in the background and there’s coffee or tea, we can take a breakat anytime. It’s work and fun together!” said Kevin of Year 1 IB DiplomaProgram

“It is a matter of immense pride for the TRIO family. We arealways on our toes to render any kind of support that they need to realizetheir dreams and would love to witness more such participation in the days tocome.” said Mr. Naveen K M, Managing Director, TRIO World Academy”. 

“We were informed that it was the first time that young highschool students from India had undertaken volunteering work at the Auberge desmigrants in Calais in France” said Ms. Chandniee Trio’s Senior SchoolFrench Teacher and Theory of Knowledge Teacher and Coordinator who had led thisinitiative. 

This volunteering program was a part of the Educational Tripto France organized by Trio World Academy. The students then proceeded to Paristo participate in the University of Peace conferences at the CitéInternationale Universitaire de Paris and the Mobile Learning Week workshops atthe UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

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