Trippy Goat by 11 Cunningham Hospitality LLP

Bengaluru, March 2021. A wine cellar and cafe inspired by chic European Cafe's, Trippy Goat Cafe & Wine will be one of the first of its kind cafe offering experiences for consumers who love their Coffees, Wines and Chocolates. The Cafe will be serving an array of Fair Trade coffees, brewed to perfection not just out of a machine but using various brewing techniques to cater to the style or palate of the variety of coffee lovers. From a simple machine brewed robust espresso or cappuccino to the more finer coffees from an AeroPress or an aromatic coffee from a French press, a flavourful coffee from a Vacuum Pot Siphon or a rich and intense brew of a Chemex Filter, making your coffee drinking experience unique each time you visit. One of India's First taste and buy Retail wine experience that will cater to a wide range of wine drinkers from the novice to the elite alike. The Bottle Shop at 11 Cunningham , Bengaluru will play host to a specially curated list of wines by our resident wine expert to accommodate the various palates for wine. Experience the world of wines by simply tasting the wines you would like to buy at our tasting table and be mesmerised by what the wines have to offer. The Bottle Shop will offer appointments with our resident wine experts to be able to match wines that suit your specific palate. The Cafe will serve a range of nibbles to go with the coffees and wines, fine gourmet burgers, home made pates and cheese to name a few in addition to sinful desserts and amazing sangrias, wine cocktails and an exhaustive wine by the glass menu to complete your experience. Located at Hatworks Boulevard, a sprawling 180 year old bungalow that retains its aristocratic old world ambiance and charm in the heart of the central business district, a heritage property famous for hosting art shows and luxury events. The cellar & cafe will cater to a discerning customer base and be host to experiential weekend menus, brand engagement events and will in addition offer brand partnerships for product placements and curate brand experiences. Address : Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore, Karnātaka 560052

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