Trivitron's Labsystems Diagnostics and Baebies,

National, 14th September, 2017 – Trivitron’s Labsystems Diagnostics Oy, a company that manufactures and develops high quality diagnostic tests for clinical laboratories and doctors, announced their collaboration with Baebies, a company focused on advancing newborn screening (NBS) and pediatric testing. September being the Newborn Screening awareness month, both the companies which are expert in innovative newborn screening products and services, have declared a joint bilateral distribution agreement to deliver a wider range of NBS solutions across several global markets.

Making a mark in their field and expanding their horizon, Baebies, a USbased organization, will distribute Labsystems’ newborn screening products inthe U.S. after obtaining regulatory clearance, while Labsystems will distributeBaebies’ SEEKER® platform internationally.

India has made significant improvements in detecting newborn diseases.Various initiatives for newborn screening programs have helped in developingthe market, which has led to increase in awareness around newborn health.Government of India largely recommends for active New Born Screening across thecountry and individual states have to implement the New Born Screening Programin the respective states.

Trivitron’s Labsystems Diagnostics Oy,manufactures and develops high quality diagnostic tests for clinicallaboratories and doctors. Labsystems Diagnostics is a global leader in thefield of newborn screening solutions with a complete range of neonatalscreening test. NeoMass AAAC kit from Labsystems is used with Tandem MassSpectrometry to detect concentrations of amino acids, free carnitine,acylcarnitines, succinylacetone and argininosuccinic acid.

 “We are thrilled to add theSEEKER platform to our suite of newborn screening products. Overall this partnershipwill greatly benefit newborn screening labs across the world by providing amore comprehensive menu of newborn screening solutions for multiple types ofassays,” said Nikhil Bedekar, Presidentof Labsystems Diagnostics Oy.

“At this time, our newborn screening customers have only a singlesolution for many of their newborn screening tests. This exciting partnershipallows us to offer the latest solutions and to provide a comprehensive offeringto our growing customer base.” said RichardWest, co-founder and CEO of Baebies

Labsystems and Baebies will be exhibiting together at the upcoming APHLNewborn Screening and Genetic Testing Symposium during September 10-13 in NewOrleans, USA. 

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