Tungara Mahaboobe, Chunnu Kumar and Kankatla Goutham dominate on day two

Hyderabad, July 11, 2018.....The Monsoon winds are back and raging upto 15 to 18 knots and the young sailors of the Telangana State Regatta had a lot more to contend with in terms of winds and waves.

The final number of entries stands at a record 150 across the 5 categories including a fledgeling fleet of beginners from across the state of Telangana and the Telangana fleet itself stands at a solid 65 strong 

In the Sub Juniors Telangana Sailor Tungara Mahboobee won two races in a row with a second in the last race zoomed up to the top spot in the Telangana State Regatta poised to win the Gold followed closely by Majji Lalitha and Nookarathnam Lakshmi who dropped to third with a few bad races and a capsize.

Tungara Mahboobee has been training at the Yacht Club of Hyderabad and is also at 3rd position in the open to claim a bronze if her form continues as today. 

In the Sub Junior Open Fleet Chunnu Kumar of Karnataka continues to dominate with Ashish Vishwakarma tailing at  a distant second.

In the Junior Fleet Kankatla Goutham leads the Telangana State Regatta for a second year in a row followed by Sanjay Reddy of the Telangana Sports School .

Gautham stands to win the Open bronze as well as the State Gold if he continues to perform

Tomorrow is the concluding racing day with the Prize giving at 530 at the premises of the Yacht Club of Hyderabad and Shri Chiranjeevulu, IAS Metropolitan Commissioner  will preside over the function along with sponsors Hyderabad Marriott Hotel and Telangana Tourism.

Results at a glance :

Sub Juniors State 

Tungara Mahboobee 26

Majji Lalitha 30 

Nookarathnam Lakshmi 43

Sub Juniors Open

Chunnu Kumar Karnataka 8

Ashish Vishwakarma Madhya Pradesh 23

Tungara Mahboobee Telangana 26 

Junior State

Kankatla Gautham 19

Sanjay Reddy 29

T Ajay  35

Juniors Open

Ram Milan Yadav Madhya Pradesh 12

Chitresh Thata Tamilnadu 18

Kankatla Goutham Telangana 19

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