Ultra-Marathon runner, Raj Vadgama gears up for LA Ultra Vadgama to run 222 kms in 48 hours

Bengaluru, August 02, 2017: Raj Vadgama, a Marathon Coach, Limca Book Record Holder & Founder of Xtreme Sports India, is at the forefront of India’s running and fitness revolution. Sports and fitness enthusiast, Raj has now set his sight on completing 222 kms in a span of 48 hours at LA Ultra which is scheduled on August 17, 2017.

Raj, aglobally acclaimed Indian runner has carved a niche for himself in theinternational fitness industry over the last three decades. Raj's upcomingchallenge, LA Ultra is arguably the toughest ultra-marathon run in the world asthe average altitude for running is about 17500 feet. It crosses two passesi.e. Khardungla (18380 ft) and La Wari (17500 ft). At LA Ultra, Raj will berunning in temperatures fluctuating from 40 Degree C hot to MINUS 6/10 C coldin matter of 6 hours. Depending on the altitude, the atmospheric pressure willalso reduce to 50 per cent of what it is at sea level which will affect his oxygenintake. 

Bysuccessfully completing LA Ultra, Raj will redefine the limits of humanendurance and mental & physical endurance. Raj's run at LA Ultra is poweredby Edelweiss Group, India’s leading diversified financial services firm. 

Commentingon this, Raj said, “I strongly believe when you’re determined to achieve yourgoal, you’re already half way there. I am looking forward to run at the LAUltra and completing 222 kms successfully.” 

Raj Vadgamais the first Indian who has successfully completed "Bharathon 10000",an ultra-marathon across India, covering 9,902 kms in 165 days at an average 60 km per day, making it the firstand the longest self supported cross country run, for which he is awarded bythe LIMCA Book of Records for creating this National Record. Raj has alsorecently completed 160 kms at the Kargil International Marathon in 28.30 hours.Over the last 3 decades, Raj has successfully completed several ultra marathonsacross India and has achieved multiple recognitions for the same.  

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