HUMILITY: Christmas is about God HUMBLING Himself for us! It is a reminder that God shed His divinity and emptied Himself of glory to come in the form of a helpless Babe in a manger. He taught mankind the lesson of humility. We have nothing to be proud of; everything comes from God, therefore let us be humble.

HONOUR: Christmas teaches us that Godhonours the faithful. God never misses anything! He remembered Mary for herrighteous, pious life and honoured her with the responsibility of bearing theSon of God! God will honour those who honour Him. We can honour God by walkingin the fear of God and living rightly, according to His Word.

HOPE: Christmas gives us hope for abetter life. The angels declared that there will be ‘PEACE on EARTH’ as theyannounced the Birth of God’s Son. The world is filled with much tension as welive on the edge, with fear of wars, natural calamities, violence and threatslike never before. But cutting through all this is the message of HOPE! God isin control and nothing happens without His Sovereign Will. 

ChristmasSeason is a time of goodwill and great joy as we celebrate a good God that cameto save the world from all evil. Be of good cheer as you rejoice with hope of abetter life! 

Rev. Dr.Ernest V. George

Founder& Senior Pastor

Garden CityAG International Worship Centre 

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