Upgrade Movie Screens to 3D to have best cinema exhibition facilities to screen Robot 2.0

Hyderabad, September 28, 2017: People are not going to theaters. They are watching movies at home. In some geographies, movies are available on demand within fifteen days of their release. And the entire family is watching latest moves at the convenience of their home and together with the family within a fortnight of its release. The screens are shrinking. Teenagers have become ‘Screenagers”. There is a need for the industry to come together to bring people back to cinema theatres, says Preetham Daniel, Senior VP-Asia, Harkness Screens. Upgrade to 3D screens so that more and more people come to theaters watch movies, because 3D effect they cant experience at their home, Preetham added.

Harkness Screens isthe world leader in manufacturing 3D and 2D Cinema screens.  HarknessScreens has been catering to cinemas and multiplexes across India and globally.Its 3D screen portfolio includes the Spectral, Clarus and Cineviso.


Preetham was in townfor a seminar to educate cinema exhibitors of Telangana and Andhra Pradeshabout the benefits of implementing 3D screens at theirfacilities.  Robot 2.0 starring Rajanikanth is slated for releaseearly 2018. Most of the present generation 3D movies are converted in postproduction. But, Robot 2.0 is being shot in 3D. So the effects will be muchmore. Watching the movie on 3D screen is more thrilling, he informed. Glassesare a must see the effects, he said.


The much-awaitedRobot 2.0 sci-fi movie will be available in 3D. While presenting films in 3Dhas become a norm in Hollywood, the Indian film industry is still catching upwith the trend. However, in the light of the massive budget, 2.0 is going to bea landmark film in the three-dimensional category in India. It will also beRajinikanth’s first 3D film. It has been setting trends in embracingpath-breaking technologies in filmmaking. There is more good news for the fansof Rajinikanth. The much-anticipated first look and teaser of 2.0 will be releasedon November 20 at a grand event in Mumbai.


Addressing thegathering of cinema owners on the importance and need of taking a step forwardby integrating 3D screens, thus enabling them to keep up with latesttechnologies for the benefit of consumers and their businesses hesaid  “Andhra Pradesh and Telangana alone have over 2,000 theatresand a majority of these aren’t equipped well enough to showcase 3D films. Robot2.0, unlike most 3D films has been shot in 3D and incorporates some of thehighest standards in 3D production and presentation which is considered to bestate of the art even in Hollywood. Such films in addition to other 3D filmsare best watched on premium technology that would showcase the film as a filmmaker aspires his audience to view it.


Upgrade Screens to 3D, Preetham told 150 gathering of film exhibitors atPrasad’s Multiplex.   Our interest is not to sell ourproducts,  but to promote 3D Screen to keep Cinema Alive..When Avatar an American epic science fictionfilm was released most of the theaters were not equipped with the kind ofscreens required to screen it. But, Avatar forced many exhibitors to adapt toscreens with latest technology of that time. Robot 2.0 will do the same, addedPreetham.


We have 1,63,000screen in the world.  87000 of them are 3D screens and 67000 are the2D.  There are 2000 screen in both the Telugu States and majority ofthem are 2D screens.  In Hyderabad there are about 60 80, 3D screens.But, majority of them are in Multiplexes.  A large chunk of standalone or single screen theaters  are still are 2D. . We want these tobe converted to 3D so that viewing of it make it so different that people areforced to go and watch movies in  theaters. It will be a uniqueexperience, Preetham informed


We sell about 800 to850 screens of which 47 per cent come from multiplexes and 53 per cent comefrom single screens.  We want higher penetration of 3Dscreens.  We plan to sell 500 to 600 screens in next one year acrossIndia. More and more 3D content is going to come into the space. Theaterowners must be 3D ready, Preetham informed.  The cost of the 3Dscreens vary, depending on the sizes and its variants.   We haveClarus XC the premier one, Cineviso the basic and Spectral the middlerange.  Technology of the each of these screens will be different, heinformed. He urged exhibitors at the seminar to upgrade to 3D and keepcinema business alive. 


Over 20,000 Spectral Screens have beensold since 2010 and itis currently considered to be a favourite3D screen globally. Spectral is available in India in 2 different gains.  Clarus - one of the most premium screens globally isendorsed by leaders like Barco, Christie, Sony, and NEC. Clarus is known to bea screen that can help your cinema beat competition. It is also the idealscreen choice for Premium Large Formats


Cineviso- an entry level product is the world’s 1st foldable and washable screen witha gain of 2.0 to 2.2


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