Urban Ladder launches programme for Interior Designers to help them make homes beautiful

Bengaluru, February 09, 2017: Urban Ladder, India’s leading home furnishing brand today announced the launch of a new programme, ‘UL Co-lab’. Complementing Urban Ladder’s existing superior product offering, UL Co-lab will connect and build a community of interior designers on one platform. A concierge service, this programme will help designers manage the entire customer life-cycle. From selection of the right products to product installation in the customer’s home. Designers a part of this network will have access to exclusive services benefiting customers.

UL Co-lab will help designers overcome the challenge of project management and empower them to provide their customers with the best design solutions. It will also help designers reduce project timelines significantly with a specially designed ready-to-ship inventory model. Urban Ladder will manage the entire customer lifecycle from order to installation. This helps designers plan better and reduce the turnaround time for projects.

Enabled largely by technology, members of ‘UL Co-lab’ can provide customers a real-world experience of designing their homes. An exclusive plug-and-play tech offering, 3D models of all products and Urban Ladder’s revolutionary augmented reality applications, Urban Storage and Living Spaces, will enable faster and seamless design. This network will also have extended delivery and installation in non-serviced locations such as Lonavala, Kodaikanal, Lucknow, Bhopal etc. Designers will be provided with additional pricing benefits solving the most acute gaps in a seamless way. UL Co-lab currently has 60 design firms from Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi as a part of this community.

“As designers, we are full of creative new ideas. The challenge comes in when we can’t execute and coordinate them. Finding the right materials, coordinating with vendors, and getting all the furnishing and accessories in one place is the biggest challenge faced by most interior designers. Urban Ladder understands this process. With UL Co-lab we have easy access to Urban Ladder products with details on exact delivery timelines. This helps us plan better and makes the process of project management and accessibility to good designs much easier.” Said Meghna Srivastava, CEO of NewARCH Design Consultants, a Bangalore based architectural design firm. 

“We seeUL Co-lab as a driving force for co-creation of beautiful homes anddistribution of our products. As we build a brand in home furnishing space,this programme will help us reach more customers through designers who play apivotal influencer role in the customer’s home building process. The earlyresults from the programme are positive and we are getting some great feedbackfrom the design community. Having them in the process also helps us sharpen ourproduct thinking through continuous feedback and market understanding from theinterior designers. We look forward to working with more designers across the country,making more homes beautiful.” said Ashish, Goel, CEO and Co-founder, Urban Ladder

Foradditional details on this programme you can write to us at design-network@urbanladder.com

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