US returned Telugu scientist Dr.Khader, who is reversing illness without medicine

Hyderabad, July 27, 2018. Be it a traditional healthcare or modern medical treatment, westerners are looking at India. Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation..... you name it you find many foreigners looking at Indian Traditional Healthcare systems. The India’s Traditional healthcare systems (AYUSH) tourism is gaining popularity with foreigners. Medical tourists also travel to India to make the most of ancient tradition of Ayurveda and its low-cost medical tourism facilities, the report further said people are increasingly realizing the importance of such alternative forms of treatment.

Similarly for modern health care they are heading to India looking for world-class treatments at prices a fourth or fifth of what they would be at home.

In this light of background and to make Indian Traditional Healthcare reach more people, a Hyderabad based BigMarketeer is organizing a 3 day Indian Traditional Healthcare Workshops and Exhibition from 24th   to 26th  August 2018,  at Hitex, Hyderabad. This is its second edition.

The expo is organized with support of   Department of AYUSH , Government of Telangana and other institutes.  Talking about the expo in a press note issued in the city today, Dr. A. Rajender Reddy, Commissioner In Charge, Dept of Ayush, Govt of Telangana told people to “think of health when you are in health, not when you are sick”. That is too late.  “Decrease usage of Antibiotics and pain killers.  And take a holistic approach while taking a treatment.  Today unfortunately allopathic treatment is compartmentalized. It is highly specialized organ wise, and no one gives holistic treatment”, he added.

The excessive use of Antibiotics and Pain Killers is very dangerous.  Since 1929 when Prof Alexandar Fleming discovered Antibiotic i.e. Penicillin, within in this 90 years span of time, different types of antibiotics were prepared.  Now we are using 6th generation of Antibiotics. Approximately 7 lakh people are dying every year in India due to resistance to bacterial infections (excessive usage of Antibiotics).  This number my go up to 1 crore by 2050. The modern medicine may be in danger of extinction due to bacterial resistance infections says Dr. A. Rajender Reddy, Commissioner In Charge, Dept of Ayush, Govt of Telangana.

The Millet Man, a US returned Telugu scientist who is reversing illness without medicine among others will address at the expo. For many years Telangana’s staple food was  — jonna, sajja, maiz, korra, saamai,  makka, hand-pounded unpolished rice, which was reserved for special occasions.  But, things changed so also our eating habits and health parameters. An exhibition like this will work towards getting millets back on dining tables. 

We want to see millet based menus come back in restaurant and millet snacks.  Our idea behind organizing a workshop on Millets by none other than Dr.Khader is to encourage people to include millets in their diet.

The Union government's decision to provide e-tourist visa would help in promoting our traditional medicine among foreigners. Nearly 5000 people visit Kerala every year for Siddha treatment.

Telangana too has similar potential. Expos like this will showcase Telangana as destination for traditional health care to foreign visitors.

Besides Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy, this will have separate pavilion on Millets, Organic and Natural Farming, Property & Farm Land, Kitchen Garden, Health, Wellness, Beauty Franchise & Startup Opportunities.  Pavilion for Small and Cottage Industries is also planned. 

Well over 125 exhibitors expected to participate and showcase their products, services, offerings, therapies. 

The expo will feature alternative medicine centers, herbal medicine companies, fitness, wellness centers and spas, diet clinics, yoga centers, panchakarma centers, hospitals, Millets, organic and natural foods and farm producers, pharmaceutical & phyto-pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions and others.

There is organic food, vegetables, fruits, milk and clothes.  The demand for organic food is growing faster than the supply.  Consumers are keener to spend on healthy food than on medical treatments.  The expo will show case lot of organic food products and options available to consumers. 

Entry to expo is free. The expo is open from 10am to 8pm.

Sessions/workshops on Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Unani, Naturopathy & Organic, and Millets and so on ... will also be organized as a part of the exhibition.   Experts on various subjects of topical interest will address the sessions.  It will also showcase various organic and natural farm produce from across the country. 

About twenty thousand visitors are expected to visit the exhibition during the three days of the expo.

For more details, please get in touch with BigMarketeer on 8978245673 or please visit

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