Vaishnavi Group adjudged as one of India’s most promising brands

Bengaluru 12th September 2017: World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC) Asia’s leading multi-dimensional consulting & media company has selected Vaishnavi Group as one of the top 100 India’s Most Promising Brands 2017, in recognition of its contribution to the real estate sector. The selection was based on a number of criteria, chief amongst them being quality and consistency in performance eliciting repeat customers.

VaishnaviGroup has constantly adopted a customer centric approach in its operations andthis has created 40 per cent repeat sales involving either existing customersmaking another investment in their projects or giving referrals to theirprojects. The Group has consistently logged in high level of customer retentionand satisfaction as borne out by multiple testimonials. 

Commentingon this prestigious selection, Cyriac Joseph, Senior Vice President -Marketing, Vaishnavi Group said “We consider being featured amongst India’sMost Promising Brands 2017 as an acknowledgement and recognition of ourcontribution to the real estate sector. Recognition is not just a mark ofgreat prestige, excellence and consistent customer loyalty and trust, it isalso a tremendous boost to all of us at Vaishnavi to continue to excel and aimfor even bigger accomplishments.” 

According toJoseph, not only the customer centric application and customer retention butalso the unique nature of each project prompted their selection. “Each projectis a landmark, designed with a specific brief that brings in a unique value anddifferential approach. This makes the projects distinctive. Coupled with thisare our uncompromising quality controls and customer oriented approach whichhave been instrumental in the Group being selected amongst the top 100 mostpromising brands.” 

India’s MostPromising Brands showcases the journey of brands that started from scratch andclimbed to the pedestal of future industry leaders. The exercise featuresbrands across 15 industries comprising 50 sub-categories. The research processof India’s Most Promising Brands 2017 has been advised and evaluated by ibrands360. 

The jury forthis year’s award includes Mr. Rajesh Sinha, Founder and CEO of FulcrumWorldwide, Mr. Paresh Chaudhry, CEO of Madison Public Relations. Mr.Bobby Pawar, Managing Director, Chief Creative Officer Public SouthAsia, Mr. Ajai Jhala CEO BBDO INDIA, Mr. Suhel Seth Indianentrepreneur, Author, Columnist and Socialite. 

The list ofwinners include GSP Crop, HPM Chemicals, Mahindra Tractors, Honda Brezza,Honda Creta, TMTL (Tafe Motors), Orient Flight Philips Airfryer, Kotak MahindraBank, amongst others. 

India’s MostPromising Brands is the largest multi-platform brand credibility project withan intention to bring these brands to the fore and mark them for biggeraccomplishments in the short to medium term.

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