Vandana Shah announces the launch of DivorceKart

New Delhi, November 23rd, 2017 : Vandana Shah, an award winning Divorce Lawyer, Author and Columnist with her team today, amongst family and friends launched “Divorcekart” - India’s first legal app that focuses on answering legal queries regarding divorce instantly. The App which is available free on both IOS and Android platform is going to serve as an online help platform for those couples who may feel that the marriage is over, and are unsure of their legal rights and process if and when they file the divorce. The app will only be a help platform to understand one’s legal rights and would not recommend or advise any person to end a marriage or continue with it.

The app wasformally unveiled via a live demonstration with a real litigant who posedqueries to Vandana as she took the litigant through the app. Present at thelaunch were also Actor Ranvir Shorey – who is battling a divorce himself; 4times National Award winning filmmaker Aruna Raje Patil, who has gone through adivorce about 3 decades ago; Padamshri Recipient Dr. Deshpande- An Oncosurgeonand Ms. Rashmi Bansal who was the moderator of panel discussion for theevening.   

Divorcekart,in English language to begin with will offer free immediate legalsolutions, the app offers instant chat 24X7 and will guide the person who hasdownloaded the app about the court procedures. As the person goes through theapp asking questions, the confidentiality stays intact with attorneyclient privilege being applicable and no third party gets to know aboutpersonal details of the person posting queries. The App hopes that with theadvice and guidance being offered free to the litigants, it would play a rolein minimizing the emotional and financial turbulence a litigant may be goingthrough.   

Post thelaunch Vandana Shah commented. “I am happy to have thought of this kind of anapp and thankful that it has been launched today. This app was built keeping inmind the litigant’s dilemma and pain and empathy I experienced in my journeythrough divorce as a litigant myself then as a counselor and finally a divorcelawyer. India is witnessing significant changes across its socio economic &cultural areas and while marriages continue, the emerging trend is todiscontinue and end unhappy marriages as both women and men alike do no longerwant to carry on a partnership which may not be mutually fulfilling.” Ms Shahalso said, that as the stigma is receding around divorces, one can witness asteady increase in divorce cases being filed, now what happens post filing is aseries of developments which are unexpected and leaves a litigant confused andhelpless – at times such as this, she hopes that Divorcekart app wouldcome handy and be able to offer wise and smart customized solutions.

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