Vasu’s Life Transforms Through’s I Have Space Program

Shimla, October 26, 2017: Vasu, owner of Dev Enterprises has been operating as a woodcutter in Shimla with very low income. Despite all his efforts, he was struggling to manage his expenses and was looking for an opportunity to increase his earnings. At this juncture, his affiliation with’s ‘I Have Space Program’ (IHS) completely transformed his life by boosting his capability to earn more. The program has helped him double his income, enabling him and his family to lead a much better life financially. In Shimla, has increased its IHS program footprint by 2X in the last 6 months - from over 20 stores to close to 45 stores in Himachal Pradesh. Vasu is one of the IHS Store partner present in the state.

Vasu,’s I Have Space (IHS) program in the third quarter of 2016 and hasleft no stone unturned to leverage the growth of e-commerce to scale greaterheights. His dedication, diligence and strong sense of customer obsession hashelped him achieve immense success in a short span of time. Apart from Vasu’sregular income from his wood business, his family now earns an additional INR12,000 - 18,000 per month through the program. Vasu is very proud to havecreated his own identity and earn respect through this program. People in thevicinity now recognize Vasu as ‘Amazon partner’


Under the I HaveSpace program (IHS), Amazon India partners with local store owners to providepickup and delivery services to customers across different cities within a 2 –4 kilometer radius of their store. These local entrepreneurs understand theirarea well and have immense goodwill in their neighbourhood to efficientlydeliver and receive products. has successfully unlocked the potentialof such store owners, allowing them to supplement their regular income andgenerate more footfalls in their stores. On an average, Amazon India’s storepartners deliver between 30 to 40 packages a day, earning a fixed amount perdelivery.


The Amazon India IHave Space program is open to all store owners who have the ability to serviceon foot or a two-wheeler. The only requirement to be an I Have Space partner isfor the store owner to have sufficient manpower to make local deliveries duringtheir off-peak hours and space for storage of the packages. Currently, thisprogram primarily consists of grocery, telecom, stationery, chemists, generalstores and other modern trade outlets to name a few. The I Have Space team evaluates interested store owners on these parameters and theirability to be able to partner with Amazon and the core culture of beingcustomer obsessed.


Once the stores areon boarded, Amazon then further trains the store partners and helps themdevelop customer management skills focusing on formal customer interactionetiquettes, grooming, safety and overall delivering a positive customerexperience.


This programcurrently covers 17, 500 stores across 225 cities including Chandigarh,Amritsar, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Kota, Vadodara, Bharuch, Nasik, Kolhapur, Belgaum,Tirupur, Warangal, Vellore, Salem, Guntur, Raipur, Agra and Dehradun inaddition to all large metros. The channel handles a significant proportion ofAmazon Logistics’ volumes in cities where it is present and is instrumental infulfilling customer promises while transforming lives across the country.  

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