Vedanta organized awareness campaign on ‘Personal Hygiene’

Chitradurga, August 28th 2017: Vedanta Limited - Sesa Goa IOK, organized awareness on ‘Personal Hygiene’ in association with MYRADA NGO for adolescent girls in the august presence of Ms. Suma Nagaraj – President, Gram Panchayat, Sirigere along with Ms. Ashwini – CMRC Manager, MYRADA; students, teachers and the Vedanta CSR team were present at Neelambika Girls High school, Sirigere, Chitradurga.

On this occasion the key spokesperson Ms. Ashwini explained that,“‘Personal Hygiene’ includes all those personal factors which influence thehealth and well-being of an individual.  Personal Hygiene consists of manyactivities such as body care and involves those practices performed by anindividual to care for one’s well-being through cleanliness.” Apart from thisshe also enlightened girls on common feminine issues, preventive medications,unhealthy behavior and laid emphasized on adopting health promotingactivities.  

 Ms. Suma Nagaraj said, “I applaud the initiative of VedantaLimited for conducting this important awareness for our young girls and I urgethem to continue with this noble work which will certainly add to sustainabledevelopment of a healthy and a conscious society”. “Schools must lay emphasison this type of awareness in the curriculum”, she added. 

Mr. Basavaraj - Head Master of Neelambika Girls High school, Sirigereappreciated and thanked Vedanta for spreading such vital health awareness totheir students. Around 220 girls were benefitted from this awareness initiativeand became more aware on personal hygiene aspect. 

Good personal hygiene is the first step to good health. It not onlyprotects individuals from poor health, but also shields those around them fromsuffering illnesses that arise from poor personal habits

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