Vedanta organized Free Dental Check-Up and Awareness Camp

Sirigere, August 29th 2017: In continuation of human endeavor and community welfare, Vedanta Limited - Sesa Goa IOK, organized Free Dental Check-up and Awareness Camp in association with NGO, Myrada and SJM Dental Hospital at Neelambika Girls High school, Sirigere on 29th August ‘17. A team of 11 doctors led by Dr. Jayachandra - M.G, B.D.S, M.D.S, Head Department of Public Health Dentistry from SJM Dental College and Hospital, Chitradurga conducted session on dental awareness and check-up for locals and students of Neelambika Girls High school, Sirigere.

The camp was initiated with dental awareness talk, educatingstudents and locals about common dental problems, ailments, especially on toothdecay and gum diseases and measures to prevent

them. The students and locals were highlighted about theeating patterns and food choices which could probably cause tooth decay. Onthis occasion, the key spokesperson Dr. Jayachandra explained that “Addedsugars often are present in soft drinks, cookies, candies which possibly formharmful acids with bacteria present in the mouth causing tooth decay. Thereforeone should control the consumption of such added sugar products.” Apart fromthis he also educated locals and students common dental problems, measures toavoid them and emphasized on adopting healthy oral care habits. The studentsand locals got ample opportunities to interact with the doctors to enquire andgain knowledge concerning oral diseases. On completion of the dental check upeveryone was given a Colgate toothpaste and toothbrush.

Mr. T.R. Umapathi – Vice President, Vedanta Employee Unionsaid, “I applaud the initiative of Vedanta Limited for conducting thisimportant awareness for students and locals and I urge them to continue withthis noble work which will certainly add to sustainable development of ahealthy and a conscious society”.

Mr. Basavaraj - Head Master of Neelambika Girls High school,Sirigere appreciated and thanked Vedanta for spreading such vital healthawareness and for rendering moral and selfless service to

the society. Around 150 students and 100 locals in andaround Sirigere were benefitted from this health initiative.

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