Vickram Singh Bawa on the lookout for Inspiring Mumbaikars

Mumbai, July 19th, 2017 –‘Be Zinda’, an awareness campaign created with the core objective of ‘Valuing One’s Life’, entered its second phase today by partnering with Celebrity Fashion Photographer, Vickram Singh Bawa to shoot and curate stories of Mumbaikars for the Be Zinda Mumbai Inspirations Project. Be Zinda is an initiative of IdeaHive Media Pvt Ltd. supported by Western Railway.

The second phase captures inspiring stories of people living in our city, stories that define ‘The Spirit of Mumbai’, stories of people who have triumphed against all odds in their lives and come up as winners. We believe that there is a good Samaritan and Phoenixes living in every nook and corner of the city and it is these people that hold the fabric of the ‘city of dreams’ together. The campaign is devised to commend the work of these silent crusaders. Through various media communications, citizens from the city will be encouraged to send the story and a picture of their inspirational fellow Mumbaikar to Shortlisted stories will be shot by famous fashion photographer Vickram Singh Bawa and will feature in the BeZinda Book, specially curated by him. Be Zinda campaign was launched in February 2017 and it completed a very successful first phase of the campaign. The campaign called for the largest city Mumba Mannequin Challenge, wherein Mumbaikars were challenged to pause for a minute defying the city’s perpetual rush, with the core communication of ‘Ek Minute Break Toh Banta Hai Mumbai’. The participants were asked to ponder in that one minute and think, on how they would want to bring more value to their busy lives. So many people came up with different interpretations, of the essence that they are missing in the demanding city life.  The third phase will have short stories captured through short films and will be launched in sometime as well.  The project would cover set examples of stories of pride, of hope, of survival, of valour, of resilience, of joy, of making it big, of making a change, of changing lives, of saving lives.. the list can be endless!! The Be Zinda team has already selected the first set of pilot stories from within the city, which include the following: Captain (IN) Uday Kumar Sondhi, Shaurya Chakra:  On 15 April 1989, Capt. Sondhi met with an air crash while flying `Ajeet’ fighter aircraft with the IAF.  As a consequence of the air crash, he suffered 40 percent deep third degree burns and his left leg had to be amputed below the knee.  In recognition of the circumstances leading to his crash, wherein, he saved a populated village adjoining the air station by remaining in the aircraft and trying to fly the aircraft having the controls snag till the last second, Capt. Sondhi was awarded the Presidents’ Gallantry Award `Shaurya Chakra’.  Defying death, hospitalized for 08 months and overcoming the strictest aviation medicals and inter - service regulations. Today Capt. Sondhi is the only pilot in the country and world, flying Alouette MK III helicopters since 1990 with a wooden leg from ashore and afloat having approx 2000 hrs of flying with 1500 hrs + and 285 deck landings in open seas with his artificial leg. A living legend who has created history in Indian Aviation. For his extraordinary achievement he was awarded the National Award in 2000 and his name was endorsed in the Limca Book of Records in 2006. The Maharana of Mewar (Udaipur) felicitated the Officer for his selfless act of bravery by awarding him the most prestigious Maharana of Mewar Foundation National Bravery Award “Panna Dhai” in 2013. He flies even today.

Mark Dharmai: Mark is a son of a fisherman and lives in Mumbai’s Chimbaivillage in Bandra. The 32-year-old was born with a severe disability, whereinhis legs were twisted on the outside. His mother’s positive influence, however,plunged him into sports. Mark braved all odds and went on to achieve a worldranking of 10th in the men's singles category, and world ranking of 3rd in themen's doubles and mixed doubles category. Mark has won 80 Parabadminton medals for India and was selected to represent the countryat the London Games. Mark feels these laurels are just the beginningof his quest to perform at the highest-level. He is a role-model for manyothers, including those whose life challenges sometimes gets the better ofthem. Early this month, Mark won a Silver for India at the ThailandPara-Badminton International. 

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