Vikram Hospital Bengaluru witness 20% rise in 1000 cases every year

Bangalore, August 9, 2017: Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru, the trusted multi-specialty healthcare facility organized a workshop on multiple sclerosis (MS) in the city today along with free consultation for MS patients. On this occasion, Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru donated specialized wheel chairs to Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI) for MS patients. The program was aimed at sharing recent advances in the understanding of multiple sclerosis (MS) and its therapy, which would ultimately benefit families and patients affected with this chronic disorder. There were additional lectures on mechanism of MS disease, Memory issues in MS followed by group yoga activity, relaxation and physiotherapy. The workshop was attended by over 75 patients and their family members.

Followingthis, free consultation with Neurologists, Physiotherapist , Nutritionist &Psychologist was made available for all MS patients. 

Dr RajeshB Iyer, Consultant Neurologist and Epileptologist, Vikram Hospital, Bengalurusaid, “Being aprolonged disease that affects individual at their prime, the socio- economicburden of MS is vast in the country. We have seen rise of MS cases in Bengaluruin the last one year. During our regular screening, we come across a minimum of20 MS patients per 1000 neurology cases in Vikram Hospital. On an average,there are about 1000 MS patients in Bengaluru alone”. 

He furtheradded that “our main objective is to spread awareness about MS in society, asearly diagnosis can result in better prognosis. MS, if left untreated can leadto disabilities. Early treatment can prevent disability. Also we need toimprove the quality of life of MS patients, who already have disabilities. ” 

MS isa chronic central nervous system (CNS) disease, which affects the brain,spinal cord, and optic nerves. Even in the absence of new symptoms, the diseaseis a continuously active. Treatment is available in the form of injectable andoral medication, but is not affordable by all as it is expensive. Symptoms ofMS includes  Blurring of vision, double vision, tingling numbness of anypart, imbalance of body while walking and as the disease progresses, therecould be bladder dysfunction, cognitive changes and difficulty to walk. 

Dr SomeshMittal, CEO Vikram Hospital Bengaluru said, “Awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and earlytreatment  is the need of the hour in today’s age and time. VikramHospital has been supporting MS patients by arranging logistics support as wellas running specific programs for MS patients within the hospital. We havecustomized our diagnostic packages for MS patients like the MRI - MS protocoletc. This coupled with the fact that we have neuro - radiologist who are ableto identify changes in the disease. Staff nurses here have been trained toadminister the MS medications appropriately. We  provide free injectionroom services to MS patients .   

He furtheradded “It has always been our constant endeavour to offer affordable healthcareand with our expertise in the field of Neurology, we would like to extend it toall.

Mr.Prasad K and Mrs Rani, of MSSI said, “We are glad that Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru has continuedwith its support for spreading awareness on Multiple Sclerosis. This is thethird year of our association and we are thankful to them for donatingspecialised wheelchairs and for conducting the free camp for MS patients. Theircommitment is a step forward in realising the dream of providing affordablehealthcare and access to treatment for MS patients to reduce MS-leddisabilities. We extend our deepest gratitude to the team at Vikram Hospitalfor their unhindered support to the cause.

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