Vikram Hospital Celebrate International Nurses’ Day

Bangalore, May 12, 2017: Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru’s trusted quaternary care and multi-specialty health facility celebrated International Nurses’Day for the fifth consecutive year under the theme “The Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit”.Thirty nursesfrom Vikram Hospital who have served for more than five yearsat the hospital wererecognized and honoured for their dedication, commitment, leadership, professionalism and above all excellence in patient care.

Theinitiativefromthe hospital celebrated the contribution of nurses who tirelessly continue tocare for their patients every single day of the year without a blink, to ensuretheir safety and fast recovery.Over 230 nurses, 40 doctors/surgeons and 200+representatives including the management and other hospital staff were presentat the function

Speaking onthis occasion, Mr. Sudhir Pai, Executive Director & Chief ExecutiveOfficer, Vikram Hospital said, “We are so proud of our nursing staff for theircontinuous dedication, enthusiasm, leadership, professional care andlife-changing contributions to the life of patients and their families. Ournurses are the backbone of our hospital and we are elated to honour their commitmentat every step of the way. This is the fifth year in a row that we arefelicitating our nurses and we do hope that they continue to provide relentlesssupport to our patient care model and excel in every possible manner in thepersonal and professional lives. Today is their day and we are proud torecognise their effortsand reward them for thehard work they do on a dailybasis.”

Theobjective of this programme was specifically to highlight and share theoutstanding work being carried out by the nursing staff which impactspositively on care delivery. The event saw the enthusiastic participation fromall participants. Numerous programmes such as medical related generalquiz,cooking competition,singing & dancing competition,mime competition(concept save water & save trees),rangoli competition,dumb charade etc.were organised at Hospital for the nursing team.

Ms.KamilasMary Prashanth, Nursing Director, Vikram Hospital, added “Our primary goal isto be committed to our service and demonstrate persistence and personaldedication to achieve the recovery and wellbeing of patients. There are about20 million nursing professionals across the world, of which 1.5 million arefrom India. Nurses’ Day is celebrated all over the world in remembrance ofFlorence Nightingale, the founder of modern day nursing, the reason ofexistence of each and every nurse. The nurses are so busy in their dailyroutine and celebrations like these make them feel special and make them feelhow important they are to the functioning of the hospital. It also helps themto showcase their talents and meet their peers in a more relaxed setting whichis otherwise not possible. Such felicitations keep them motivated as theirefforts are appreciated and rewarded.”

Nurses whocompleted a tenure of five years at the hospital were duly rewarded for theirservices. The awardees included Selvarani P,Ashwini N,Remya C S and Roopa B. Inaddition to these awards the  Best ICU–& CTICU(Cadio Thoracic ICU),Best Ward and Best Unit Nurse award wasannounced and awarded. Nineteen nurses were awarded from across specialites.

These awardswere distributed by  Mr. Sudhir Pai J,Executive Director & CEO, Dr. P Ranganath Nayak Medical Director, Dr. K NManjunath, Consultant, Internal Medicine & Geraitrics and Dr.K.S Satish,Cosultant Pulmonologist & Chest Physician.

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