Violators of Zoning Regulation changing BESCOM tariff from Domestic to Commercial

April 27, 2017, Bengaluru: State agencies’ inaction to control commercialization in residential areas of Bengaluru is giving sleepless nights to countless citizens. Recent observations point that several commercial entities, which are setting shop in residential areas less than 40 feet, have been converting BESCOM tariff from domestic to commercial without requisite documentation. The BESCOM handbook states tariff change requires Municipal license and in these cases, over 90% of the establishments do not have Trade license from BBMP. The tariff change is being effected by officials on ground with a mere application for change for tariff.

NammaBengaluru Foundation (NBF) along with various Resident Welfare Associations(RWAs) met Shri K Siddaraju, Director Technical, BESCOM, today and submitted aletter requesting for an investigation on the matter and urged him to directthe officers not to convert the tariff without the requisite documents. 

Earlier, NBFobtained RTI responses from BBMP to denote that no such Trade licenses havebeen obtained by BESCOM prior to changing the tariff. These commercial entitiesare also found to be using the fact that they possess BESCOM commercial metersto mislead the courts of the land as well. 

SridharPabbisetty, CEO,Namma Bengaluru Foundation said, “It is pertinent that without a valid tradelicense, a residential tariff cannot be changed into a commercial tariff. Weexpect BESCOM to act as per its manual and check the trade licenses beforeconverting a domestic tariff into commercial tariff.”

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