Vishwa Vidyapeeth School install an organic disinfectant tunnel

BANGALORE, May 12th, 2020: The Corona Virus Pandemic has impacted the academic year of all educational institutions of the country. While we all are trying to take precautionary measures in the absence of vaccine when disease lurks around the corner, Vishwa Vidyapeeth school decided to install an organic disinfectant tunnel for the safety of its students and the staff which will be inaugurated by DCP (North East Division, Benagluru City) Dr. Bheemashankar S Guled.

This tunnel was installed under project Sugardhana which is a CSR initiative by Dr. Karthik Narayanan CEO of Lit Skills learning, in association with  Sabhari hospitals and CSR times. “Through this initiative we want to give India its first Organicanti-microbial disinfectant tunnel, this is much better than sodiumhypochlorite and iodine water which is being sprayed in other places across India. Since the government has banned the spraying of sodium hypochlorite and iodine on humans as it is a skin irritant we decided to come with something which is safe for humans as well as innovative” says Narayanan. 

Suseela Santhosh, the director of Vishwa Vidyapeeth school says that “the health of our students and staff members is very important for us, so we decided to install this Organic disinfectant tunnel. This is India’s first disinfectant tunnel made using citrus based and organic ingredients. It is non inflammable and the size of the structure is 4*6*7 feet, we just wanted to be prepared for everything when the academic year resumes” “we are happy to be the first school in India to be installing this in our premises”

This is a common man’s initiative to help fight COVID-19 for the mankind. The school could initiate these activities by constant support and cooperation from Shri SR Vishwanath (MLA Yelahankha)

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