Viviana Mall brings Noise-Free Garba to curb noise pollution

Mumbai, 21st September, 2017: All Mumbaikars are excited for the upcoming Garba festival. The nine day festival often brings joy to the Garba fans but has also invited flak from various NGOs due to the increasing sound pollution levels during the celebrations. Even last year, many NGOs had approached court pertaining to music being blared from loudspeakers during the Navratri Festival. Nowadays most of the mandals also resort to the usage of DJs (Disk Jockeys).The noise levels often touch 100dB when loudspeakers and DJs are used even in certain silent zones of the city.

Viviana Mall, theleading destination mall in Mumbai Metropolitan Region has initiated a steptowards making the festival noise free. The Garba and Dandiya during thefestival will be played in an eco-friendly manner using headphones. The mall iswelcoming Garba fans come and be a part of the pollution free campaign byparticipating and playing silent Garba in Viviana Mall on Saturday,September 23, 2017. The songs or music played during the celebrations will beheard only to those who are wearing the headphones provided by the organizers.

Speaking on thedevelopment, Ms. Rima Pradhan, Sr. Vice President, Marketing at Viviana Mallsaid, “In our society, people always tend to enjoy music at various places beit at home, pubs, cinemas etc. With our Idea of noise-free garba, our mainobjective was not only to create awareness about noise pollution, but alsoallow people to enjoy music and celebration without disturbing others. Apartfrom this Sr. Citizens, patients and pets have lower tolerance capacity when itcomes to noise pollution levels; they often are the ones who bear the brunt ofthe loud celebrations. In our efforts to control pollution levels during the festiveseason, we have taken the initiative to celebrate silent Garba in our mall.”

“Thankfully oursociety is getting sensitized towards the pollution levels in our city and hasstarted adapting to pollution free means. This has boosted our confidence, be it,eco-friendly Ganesha or the registrations for silent Garba, the response isphenomenal from our patrons.”

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