Walmart launches Second Edition of Women Entrepreneurship Development Program

New Delhi, September 26, 2017: Walmart India, the wholly owned subsidiary of Walmart Stores Inc., today announced the launch of the Second Edition of the Women Entrepreneurship Development Program (WEDP). The program aims to enhance the participants’ skills and capability to be able to build robust and sustainable businesses.

The programwill be implemented by WEConnect International in partnership with TTC Globaland Amity University with funding from Walmart. During the program, the WOBswill undergo capacity building training, mentoring and technical supportcustomized to the needs of their businesses. These training modules will coverall key areas for better understanding of and running a business – marketing,finance, business strategy, operations, legal and compliance, socialnetworking, among others. 

The WOBswould be in different product categories located in Andhra Pradesh, Delhi NCR,Mahashtra, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh. 

Announcingthe launch, Krish Iyer, president & CEO, Walmart India, said,"I am extremely delighted to announce the second edition of the WomenEntrepreneurship Development Program soon after the successful graduation ofthe participants of the first edition. We have ramped up the program anddoubled the number. The program is designed to help women entrepreneurs achievehigher levels of business growth and help make them more competitive andresilient in today’s dynamic business environment. For India’s growth story totranslate into shared prosperity for all of its people, we need to lay down astrong foundation to make the eco-system more inclusive We are moving theneedle by doing our part through diversity in the supply chain to help create apipeline of women suppliers for the industry as well as for Walmart India, aswe continue to grow in the country.”

Walmart hasan ongoing commitment to empower women around the world and help WOBs succeedand grow. In September 2011, Walmart launched the Global Women’s EconomicEmpowerment (WEE) initiative, a five-year initiative to use its unique size andscale to improve the lives of under-served women around the world. As part ofthe initiative, Walmart committed to source $20 billion from women for its and double sourcing from WOBs internationally. While the company achievedthe $20 billion sourcing goal for the U.S. in late 2016, Walmart continues towork toward the international goal to double sourcing from WOBs in othermarkets.

JennyGrieser, Senior Director of Women’s Economic Empowerment for Walmart, said, "We are thrilled tobe able to roll out the second edition of the WEDP program as it strengthens

ourcommitment to economically empower women. Empowering women is the right thingto do for the community and it also makes good business sense.

WEConnectInternational is leading the overall coordination and conceptualization of thetraining program, as well as selecting and assessing the needs of theparticipants.  Amity University is customizing the training curriculum asper requirements in addition to training the participants. As a knowledgepartner, TTC Global is responsible for identification and selection of highpotential WOBs.

ParulSoni, CountryDirector, WEConnect International in India, said, “WEConnectInternational believes in a world in which women have the same opportunity astheir male counterparts to design and implement business solutions that createwealth and ensure the sustainable prosperity of their communities. The WomenEntrepreneurship Development Program matches beautifully with our vision and weare excited to launch the second edition. We hope the curriculum will help usachieve this objective.” 

During theprogram that lasts through July 2018, the women entrepreneurs will undergo astructured capacity building training, mentoring and technical supportcustomized to the needs of their businesses and delivered through variousformats, including classroom sessions, workshops, field trips, webinars etc.During the program, they will be taught a number of aspects of running abusiness and making it sustainable in addition to life skills, social mediamarketing, operations, replenishment, logistics, supply chain, productmarketing, financial planning and resource management, negotiation skills,among others. 

The firstedition of WEDP was launched in April 2016.  The program received hundredsof applications, from across India, of which 32 women entrepreneurs wereselected. They underwent training in professional and soft skills to buildrobust businesses. Walmart India identified 11 of the WOBs as Walmart Indiasuppliers as their products fitted the assortment, and the businesses met allother parameters to becoming a Walmart supplier.

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