We will win Babri Masjid Case hands down before elections: Dr. Swamy

Hyderabad, October 28, 2018. ,Subramanian Swamy pitches for abolition of income tax. Why impose Income Tax? Rich have CA who can advise how to save on taxes. It is the poor and middle class always suffer. Why do want Income Tax, Dr. Swamy said while answering to a question at a talk “Is Indian Economy in Tailspin? Organised by FICCI Ladies Organisation here in Hotel Park on Sunday event

Welcoming the gathering, Priyanka Ganeriwal Arora, Chairperson of FICCI Ladies Organisation shared that Hyderabad Chapter was chosen to host Inter-State FLO meet where 7000 members from 16 chapters will assemble. It will be held in November in AP at Vizag.

Dr. Swamy was in conversation with Karri Sriram, a columnist, author and a Journalist at the FLO Seminar and interactive session

The talk drew overwhelming response. Both FLO members and spouses, 300 in number have attended the interactive session.

Income Tax is required raise revenues.  If that is so, explore alternative revenue sources. The auction of 2G/3G gave nation four lakh crore which is equal to the Income Tax collected.

Similarly you can auctioning if coal mines can fetch elevan lakh crore, which is 300 times to revenue collected through Income Tax. Let Mr Modi make me finance Minister I will show how it works. I will see to it that CRPF locks Income Tax Department, he said.

The finance minister of a country must be trained in finance, unfortunately we don’t have that privilege. Income Tax is encouraging Blockmail. The poor of the nation are suffering, he said.

Replying to a question why there was a divide between North and South, he said that don’t see such a divide and the DNA of all are same.

Replying to another question if BJP wins 2019 electionS, will it make India, a Hindu Raj? He said Indian Constitution is already a Hindu Raj and why will we need to make one? he asked. 

Dr. Swamy observed that it is wrong to say that Muslims object to Ram Mandir. 

There are no Muslims in Ayodhya. If ever any masjid has to be built it can be done in any adjoining districts to Ayodhya where there is a muslim population, he told

We will win Babri Masjid Case hands down by this March, he told his audience.

P. Chidambaram wanted to join BJP, but, BJP rejected he informed.

Speaking about Triple Taraq, he said, we genuinely feel for Muslim women that is why we have done and not for any other reasons he replied to a question asked by a member of the audience. 

Dr. Kalam was 90% responsible and I was 10% to stop Sonia Gandhi becoming Prime Minister. He rubbished Sonia’s sacrifice claim propaganda in this regard.  Sonia, subsequently made Abdul Kalaam’s life miserable by not nominating him for second term he stated. 

Dr. Swamy voiced critically against GST. Don’t force people against their will by mounting taxes, he told the government.

He refused to agree that Modi is becoming dictator similar to Indira Gandhi.

Sonia and Chidambaram will be in Jail before coming Parliament elections, he predicted.

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