Weatherseal conducts tree plantation drive for the first time in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Over the years, Hyderabad’s forest cover has been dying due to speedy commercialization of the city. From 40,746 sq Km of forests in 1930, the number has plunged to a mere 17,000 sq Km in 2018. 23.7% of forest cover completely disappeared due to deforestation while 18.5% of the green cover is critically endangered.

Seen as a measure for the mitigation of this perennial problem, for the first time in Hyderabad, leading uPVC door and window brand Weatherseal has conducted tree plantation drives with the motive of providing a cleaner and greener future to the city.

The drive called #sealthenature, was held at HMWSSB, NRR Puram site 2 in Borabanda saw the participation of enthusiastic locals, Prakriti NGO's and influential personalities. Weatherseal, which gives major importance to social responsibilities, has been conducting plantation drives all over the country as a monthly initiative since June. The brand through this drive, bolstered their focus on creating awareness and a sense of responsibility among society for preserving and nurturing the environment.

Mr. Harish Munireddy, founder and CEO of Weatherseal said, " Planting trees is the only method that we can implement to combat the rising air pollution and global warming. Trees help in reducing the ambient temperature and also purifies air. So, such a practice should be adopted widely. As a plus point, trees would also add to the aesthetic beauty of any place. Weatherseal manufactures uPVC windows and doors which is an alternative to wooden doors system. Thereby adopting this Eco-friendly measure, we can prevented the felling of  trees."

The recent green drive is just part of a larger plan of Weatherseal in making the environment healthy for citizens and the brand plans on taking the realm forward with a slew of the environment-friendly measures throughout the year.

Speaking on how important tress are for the sustainable existence of human life, Mrs. Jayasree Monga,  CEO Prakriti Environmental Society (NGO), said, " The oxygen produced from trees are not only important for us humans but also serves as protection against UVB that is present in sunlight. In this era of high pollution,  our moral duty is to provide eco-friendly housing solutions and green infrastructure for a healthy living."

Construction, demolition and deforestation are factors that directly lead to air pollution and global warming and the measures taken by authorities have yielded little results. With Weatherseal’s hand stretched out along with government and citizen participation, this rising concern will soon be something we would not have to sweat about.

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