Wego becomes fastest loading mobile travel site in the world

Bangalore, 24th April, 2017 – Wego.com, the largest travel marketplace in the Middle East and Asia Pacific reveals the astonishing results after implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) combined with Progressive Web App (PWA), becoming the fastest loading mobile travel site in the world.

For thesearch and shop experience, Wego built a PWA using service workers, reducingpage load time to less than three seconds for new users, and less than a secondfor returning users.

ProgressiveWeb Apps (PWA) are mobile websites that deliver app-like experiences with fullweb reach. PWA’s use service workers that are client side proxies produced inJava script to allow you control over the cache. By pre-caching key resourcesusing service workers, Wego’s PWA is able to deliver content fast and reliably overa variety of problematic network conditions with all testing conducted on aslow, 3G network. 

“Slow mobilepage loads are intensely frustrating, especially during the travel shoppingjourney. Wego’s website now opens seamlessly, loading in the same time it takesto open Wego’s popular travel app – in fact, it’s difficult to tell the UXapart. By rebuilding the static pages using AMP, and the core search experiencewith PWA, Wego has decreased page load time from around 12 seconds to between.50 and three seconds “ said Honey Mittal, Wego’s Senior Vice President,Product. “While upgrading performance we also redesigned the entire mobile siteto mimic the native apps, rebuilding the APIs from scratch to be fullyoptimised for mobile to deliver a consistent experience across both web andapp,” Mittal added. 

According to Google, 40 percent of consumers will leave a site if a pagetakes longer than three seconds to load on mobile, with 79 percent unlikely toreturn.

Wegoimplemented AMP on the site’s landing pages which reduced page load time toless than one second when served from the AMP Cache. AMP is a Google projectdesigned as an open standard for publishers to support fast page loads onmobile devices, serving from the AMP cache – a proxy-based content deliverynetwork which delivers all valid AMP documents. AMP uses a stripped downversion of HTML and an off-the-shelf Java script library (blocking third partyscripts) that allow lazy loading. 

“Over 70percent of Wego’s searches take place on mobile and increasing site speed waskey to upgrading the user experience, and ultimately increasing engagement andconversions. We saw AMP and PWA as a development priority in our objective toachieve this outcome and committed our resources to producing the fastestloading mobile travel site in the world, and we succeeded. The solution has hadan impressive impact on Wego’s business” continued Mittal. “  

The AMPinstall service worker provided a seamless transition from AMP to PWA, Wegopaired PWA with Polymer, a lightweight library that takes full advantage ofreusable and interoperable web components. Wego’s PWA now supports silky smoothanimations with no janky scrolling.    

 Mobileweb has wide reach, especially in Wego’s core markets in the Middle East, Asiaand India where slow, unstable networks and less than 512MB storage space onmobile devices is common. For the majority, travel planning and booking is nota daily necessity, which often results in the removal of less frequently usedapps to free up space for photos and video. By delivering a lightning fastmobile website experience, Wego has solved an enormous problem for users whoaren’t able to download or retain Wego app, as well as Wego travel partners. 

“The loss ofpotential customers during site loading time has been reduced significantly andwe’ve increased value for our partner’s marketing investments,” Mittalconcluded. “The revamp has not only improved user experience, we’ve improvedeach step within the funnel – from visits to searches to conversion –ultimately increasing conversions by 95 percent.” 

*Mobilespeed test according to testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com. 

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