WeWork Launches Two Additional Locations to Further Accelerate its Growth in Mumbai

India, 16 May 2018: WeWork—the platform for creators that provides the space, community and services to help people make a life, not just a living— is celebrating its growth trajectory by launching WeWork Hebbal in Bengaluruand WeWork Vikhroli in Mumbai. Within just 9 months of launching in India with these additional two spaces, WeWork’s presence now expands to 8 locations in India.

WeWorkVikhroli, located in Mumbai suburbs, home to established and growingbusinesses, will be testament to being a prime location in the area. Spreadacross the top 3 floors of a 14 storey building of 247 Business Park in thewestern suburb, WeWork Vikhroli accommodates a total of 1,300+ members. 

AddingWeWork’s signature elements from its nooks, phone booths, airy common spacesand a game zone featuring community bars all designed for greater collaborationamongst members, the space also features two lounges flanking both sides of theelevator lobby to function as the main community floor along with a privateterrace on the 12th floor. With the main centerpiece being the two largeterraces located on the 13th floor which are on either sides of the main memberfloor, each terrace was designed with a specific function in mind - one tocater large events which has been outfitted with an outdoor projection screenalongside BBQ pits, and the other dedicated to a Wellness zone for outdoorfitness events. 

Symbolizingas the garden and oasis above Mumbai's "concrete jungle" for themembers, WeWork Vikhroli West’s core will have plenty of natural light throughlofty ceilings with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that are balanced out byintegrating materials such as terrazzo, concrete, and oak paired with strikingcolours. 

On the otherhand, with 890+ desks spread over three floors of a glass façadebuilding, WeWork Hebbal is in one of Bengaluru's most easilyaccessible and promising hubs. Positioned right off the highway, WeWork Hebbalis situated next to the Kodigehalli Bus Stop, Bellary Road and being a shortdrive from Bengaluru International Airport makes it a perfect destination forworking travellers. Maximizing the amount of light flooding into thespaces, the design focuses on keeping the materials simple and minimal, whileusing artwork and furniture pieces to provide pops of color throughout. Withthe focal point of WeWork Hebbal, the terracotta brick stairway connecting allthree floors, the bricks are arranged such that light seeping through theglazing will add warmth to the space. As part of the finishing touch, theshadows created by the bricks' arrangement will reflect beautiful patternsacross the space. 

“Theevolution from a traditional office environment to a collaborative workspacehas grown exponentially in India over the last few years. Today, WeWork Indiais flourishing with more than 50% of our members being large enterprisecompanies that resonate with our offerings of community and collaboration,”said Karan Virwani, CWeo (Chief WeWork Executive Officer) at WeWorkIndia. “By redefining success measured by personal fulfilment, thelaunch of these two new vibrant communities in Mumbai and Bangalore willaccelerate the new way of work and life for Indian entrepreneurs, start-ups andestablished enterprises led by WeWork.” Today, WeWork is a thriving globalcommunity comprising of start-ups, freelancers and large enterprises. By takingcare of the aesthetics and functional basics, such as wi-fi, printing, cleaningservices, WeWork’s offerings extends beyond spaces to Honesty Markets (paidF&B section), Nooks (casual meeting spaces), Phone Booths (private callingstations), Wellness & Quiet Rooms,  beer on tap and a pet friendlyspace. 

WithWeWork’s community in India home to global enterprises -- such as Microsoft,Jaguar Land Rover, GoDaddy among others -- as well as SMEs -- such as Miller& Camron, Megshala (NGO), AA Hospitality and Get Gorgeous, the launch oftwo new facilities will provide space for 10,000+ members in India.

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