Wheelchair Users prefer travelling to Goa and Kerala for its Accessibility - Survey

Mumbai, 7th February 2018: A survey commissioned by Enable Travel - India’s Premier Accessible Holiday Specialist, interviewed 90 people with disabilities across Wheelchair Users (30), Deaf (30) and Blind (30), from Mumbai and Delhi. Key factors highlight that people with disabilities have a deep desire to travel like everyone else. However, they have specific requirements and travel related barriers that need a differentiated approach.

The survey gauges the travel interests, decision-making processand areas of concern faced by people with disabilities, at the same time offersan insight to various tourism stakeholders to consider their interests intravelling and involve them as part of tourism activities.


Debolin Sen, Head, Enable Travel said, “The need to explore thetravel requirements of people with disabilities has been largely ignored.  It is time that we as a society stopoverlooking the choices and desires of this segment and help them break freefrom the various physical, social, and attitudinal barriers they face asindividuals. The survey to an extent highlights the need to explore theinterests and attitudes of this segment of travellers and create awarenessabout the different barriers they face while travelling, through a focussedapproach”.

The survey interviewed individuals who have taken at leasttwo holiday trips in the past one year and highlighted different needs ofpeople with different disabilities.




•             90% ofthe respondents said they do not have access to other hotel services likerestaurants, garden and swimming pools

•             70% ofthe respondents said they want to stay in hotels with spacious bathroom withadequate turning radius.

•             92% ofthe respondents agreed there is lack of information in hand when deciding onthe mode of transport.

•             77% ofthe respondents agreed they face difficulty due to the placement of switchboards and emergency bell inside the hotel rooms.

•             All therespondents said they want restaurants with steps to make provision of ramps atthe entrance.

•             77% ofthe respondents said that they gathered information about a destination throughsocial media posts and travel blogs.

•             60% ofthe respondents said they prefer visiting beach destinations like Goa andKerala for its easy accessibility.



•             70% ofthe respondents said they face difficulty accessing websites for information ondestination and bookings.


•             90% ofthe respondents said that Word of mouth was their major source of informationin choosing a destination.


•             70% ofthe respondents said that they are unable to chalk out the food menu withoutbraille formats.


•             80% ofthe respondents said that buildings should make provision for grab/ hand railsto help climb stairs


•             All therespondents said that hotels must have Braille and tactile markings on theelevator control buttons.




The DEAF said:


•             89% ofthe respondents said that most hotels had no visual signal alert to detectknock on the door, recognise telephone ring or alarm clock.


•             All therespondents said that their main source of information for choosing adestination is through social media posts.


•             All therespondents said that quality hotel accommodation and ease of commute areimportant factors while deciding on a destination


•             All therespondents said that Hotels, Museums and tourist sites should provide DeafFriendly Tour Guides


•             All therespondents said that Hotels need to be equipped with necessary visual alertdevices in case of emergencies.


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