When Love Lived Alone, Book by Jessica Singh

A unique prose-poetry book with illustrations titled 'When Love Lived Alone' by debut author and Oxford graduate, Jessica Singh, will be launched at Alliance Francaise between 5 to 7 pm on Sunday, October 1, 2017. The artworks that fed into the book as illustrations are conceptualised by Jessica and painted by her artist mother Neena Singh. It has taken the mother and daughter duo 5 months to finish the ambitious project.Together, they run a start-up in Delhi, artySORTS that professes 'Live Your Art' through photo essays, graphic design, and art walks and workshops. In this book, all the illustrations are in a circle, a sacred circle - a mandala - which is recognized for its deep spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness. Each mandala that we create is a portrait of inner self – our ideas, feelings, emotions, and concepts.

The formallaunch of the book will be done by Bushra Alvi Razzack, Founder, Delhi byVerse. The event will have the article poetry reading by Saumya Baijal and aband from Kalimpong, The Raven, will be performing at the event.

JessicaSingh says, "Words flow through a poet as a command that has to be obeyed;there is little doing by the poet. In this book, there is some that was feltwith fondness, some, with a fervent ache and a diverse of those that werevicariously felt. The hearts of others came pounding to me and filled mine tothe brim – I had to pour it all out."

Neena Singhsays, "Illustrating the poems written by my daughter as an art projectunfolded several new dimensions to me - about the layered meanings in thepoems, the relation between the verbal and visual and the healing power of artindulgence. This collaborative project gave us an opportunity to spend qualitytime with each other and to produce something tangible which has been thoroughlysatisfying."

Talkingabout the book, Jessica says,"When Love Lived Alone is about love that isfelt and also about love asits own being. How it would feel to be in love -with love as an entity, to experience it in its entirety and in all its hues -from elation to grace,pride to tearful paradise."

The booklaunch event will simultaneously host an art exhibition curated by Swati Guptaand the exhibits ranging from

​INR​  5,500-21,000 will be on ale.

Thepaperback book is modestly priced at INR 200 and hard case with the dust jacketat INR 340. The e-book will be available at INR 99 only.

The launchevent will see congregation of lovers of art, poetry and aesthetics.

Video inviteof the event can beseen  here .  

Book Blurb:

Love doeslive alone; it chooses itself- always. While it is often dismissed as aweakness, it is so powerfully pervasive that it trumps all else. We feel lovebut what does love feel?

This book isabout love that is felt and also about love that is its own being. It is acompilation of prose poems and is meant for lovers of poetry, art, andaesthetics. It is written from the perspective of a woman who chooses to bevulnerable; yet in control. Each prose poem is complemented with anillustration – an evocation of myriad emotions encircled in literature inspiredcompositions.

About theAuthor:  Jessica Singh is from NewDelhi.An Oxford graduate who specializes in gender and education, she currentlyworks as an independent consultant in the social development sector. Herpassion for art found vent in her start-up, artySORTS that professes ‘Live YourArt’ through photography, graphic design, and curated art walks and workshops.It was through books that Jessica perceived the vastness of existence and theinescapable want for a multitude of experiences that follow. Her readingrepertoire is

wide, butthe works of Rumi, PabloNeruda, Maya Angelou, Herman Hesse, and ErnestHemingway particularly inspire her. This diversified immersion in living anartful life attuned to self, lead to a tamed surrender and an involuntary flowthat gave birth to her first book.

You canvisit www.jessicasingh.me to know more about her.

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