Winter brings in high risk of ear infections

Bangalore, December 23, 2017: Winter brings a high risk of ear infections in both children and adults. The main cause for ear inflammations is due to the less blood in the cold, that adds to a greater risk of irritation and the trapped moisture or bacteria results in the painful condition known as otitis media.

Sensitivityin the ears are really high, when it’s exposed to cold and wind. And thesemiddle ear infections occur mostly in the winter months.  The infectionsin the middle ear are caused due to the presence of virus and bacteria. Theinfected material blocks the Eustachian tube and starts developing behind theeardrum leading to a lot of pain and infection. This otitis media can betreated by antibiotics, but until the fluid is cleared one needs to be very carefulbecause it would lead to hearing loss. Colds and flu should be immediatelytreated and if any suspicions are found in the ear, a doctor needs to beconsulted immediately.  

Causes for the infection:

Middle earinfection are often caused due to a stem from a prior infection of therespiratory tract that spreads to the ears. Children are often affected asthere Eustachian tube is shorter and horizontal in nature than compared toadults, leading them to get affected easily. The fluid which accumulates behindthe middle ear leads to swelling of ears, causes ache and redness which iscalled as acute otitis media and also results in temporary hearing loss. 

Dr.Sreenivasa Murthy T M, Consultant – ENT, Columbia Asia Referral HospitalYeshwanthpur share some inputs on the symptoms and ways it can be prevented. 

Symptoms ofthe ear infection includes:

·Severeear pain

·Problemsin hearing

·Yellow,clear, or bloody discharge from the ears

·Ringingin the ear (tinnitus)




Earinfections can be prevented by keeping ear dry and warm when outside in thiscold weather. Avoiding cigarette is very important as, smoking can lead to tubesbeing inflamed and second-hand smoke can also have a similar effect. A healthydiet and regular exercises can help in circulation of blood, and especially inwinter months when resistance to infection is lower, keeping oneself fit isvery essential. Hygiene has to be paid the utmost importance as infections arevery common in winter season, and washing your hands before eating, and takingshowers twice a day helps in cutting down on infections. 

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