Wipro Consumer Care Crosses a Billion Dollar Revenue milestone in 2017-18

Bangalore, May 03, 2018: Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, a leading FMCG major has clocked a billion dollar revenues in 2017 – 18. The business crossed Rs. 6630cr with industry-leading growth both in India and overseas.

 “Thekey driver of growth this year was our ability to handle the GST transition inIndia.  We proactively engaged with our distributors and partners andclarified their doubts about GST. This gave us momentum in June – July 2017,leading to 18% growth in the India business in FY 18.  Distribution alsoimproved especially post GST implementation.  Santoor and Garnet LEDbrands did particularly well”, said Mr. Vineet Agrawal, CEO, WiproConsumer Care and Lighting.

 WiproConsumer Care clocked 50% of its revenue from International markets whereMalaysia crossed US $ 145 Million, followed by China at US $ 120 Million.Indonesia which had a sluggish first half also bounced back with a double-digitgrowth in the second half of 2017-18. 

Among itsbrand portfolio, Santoor is the biggest with a turnover of about US$ 300million, followed by Enchanteur (female toiletry brand) with US$ 150 million.It has several US$ 50 million plus brands with Yardley (premium toiletrybrand), Romano (Male toiletry brand), Bio Essence (skincare brand), Safi (Halalskincare brand) and Garnett LEDs. 

To build theHome Care portfolio, the Company test marketed the Giffy brand of dish washliquid in select states in India.  Liquid Detergent was launched duringthe year in Vietnam and expanded its geographical presence in India and China.In India, Safewash Liquid detergent intends to create newer consumptionopportunities in household laundry segment with premium products across thewash cycle. Softouch Fabric Conditioner continued to do well in India. 

The Companyplans to add two manufacturing locations, one in Telangana , India and one in Guangzhou, China. They are expected to be operational in FY 20. 

Riding onthe back of LEDs, Wipro Lighting launched Internet of Lighting®, Digitallighting solutions using IoT and Big Data. For this, the Company hascollaborated with Cisco and pureLi-Fi, Scotland. It also launched Wipro Z Nxt,an integrated home automation System. As part of the strategy to leverageonline technologies and platforms, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting invested inHappily Unmarried. “Home Care, Lighting and Digital are going to be some of thekey thrust areas for us,” said Mr. Agrawal.

 WiproConsumer Care & Lighting is today a leading player in the chosenmarkets/categories internationally. It has 30 brands in 60 countries, 15 manufacturingfacilities in five countries (India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam)and a global workforce of more than 10,000 representing 22 nationalities. The company has a good track record of successfully integrating itsacquisitions and growing them significantly.  It has made 10 successfulacquisition in the last 14 years and spent more than $ 600 million on them.These include Glucovita in 2003, Chandrika in 2004, Northwest switches in 2006,Unza in 2007, Yardley (for Asia, Middle East, North Africa and Australasia) in2009, Clean Ray in 2011, Yardley UK in 2012, and L D Waxsons Group in 2012,Zhongshan Ma Er Daily products Ltd in 2016. 

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