Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN) forays into Industrial Automation space

Bangalore, May 31, 2018:Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN) launches Industrial Automation business,WIN Automation (www.winautomate.com). It is a full-service line Industrial Automation business that will focus on the discrete manufacturing sector in India and ASEAN and enable companies to be automated, digitized and smart.

Announcingthis, Mr. Pratik Kumar, CEO, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN), said, “As part of our growthstrategy, wecontinuously analyze emerging technologies, applications and the industrylandscape. While doing this, we evaluate new business areas that not only holdthe promise of growth but also have a synergistic alignment with our currentbusinesses, capability and culture. Industrial Automation fits in well.” 

“Our corefocus is to be a system integrator and play a pivotal role in IndustrialAutomation. Our objective is to make WIN Automation be among the top threesystem integrators in the discrete manufacturing Industrial Automation businessin the geographies we will operate in,” he added

The Companyhas appointed Mr. G Sundaraman (Sundar) as Senior Vice President and Head ofWIN Automation. A Mechanical Engineer from REC, Trichy, he has nearly threedecades of experience in the manufacturing sector in leadership roles acrossmultiple function shaving worked with Companies such as Pricol, JCB, TVS,Whirlpool, and others. He has leveraged and integrated solutions for IndustrialAutomation through Robotics, IoT, Sensors & Telematics to driveproductivity and business goals. 

Mr. Kumarsaid, “Sundar’spassion for futuristic technology platforms and his understanding of technologyapplications, the global market, and the ecosystem, positions him well to leadour foray into Industrial Automation” 

Opportunitiesand challenges are inherent in India’s manufacturing sector. It is poised togrow exponentially to reach US$ 1 Trillion by 2025 and rank among the top threegrowth economies and manufacturing destinations of the world by 2020. TheGovernment of India’s stated ambition is to raise manufacturing’s contributionto 25% of GDP by 2022 and to create 100 million jobs in the coming decade. 

“However,the sector has challenges to overcome. Manufacturing in India tends to be laborintensive and it has not been easy to combat global competition and achieve ahigh level of productivity. Re-skilled workforce in automated factories enhancebusiness growth through improved productivity & quality,” said Mr. GSundararaman, Senior Vice President and Head of WIN Automation. 

He said thatWIN Automation will design smart automation solutions and develop, integrateand implement the physical systems along with digital systems. “For India toadopt industry 4.0 successfully, it is critical that we don’t skipimplementation of industry 2.0 & industry 3.0,” he added.

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