Wipro Lighting launches Internet of Lighting®

Pune, January 5, 2018: Wipro Lighting today at its signature event “Light Show 2018” launched its Internet of Lighting (IoL)®solutions for Smart& Connected indoor & outdoor lighting .

With the emergence of IoT and Big Data, Smart andConnected digital lighting based solutions are the way forward as they willbring in intelligence & functionality into lighting systems, enhance userexperience and deliver desired outcomes for customers.

Wipro Lighting’s alliances with InternationalTechnology companies will usher a new revolution in work-lives. They havecollaborated with Cisco for Power on Ethernet (PoE) basedlighting solutions and Human Centric Lighting solutions for new ageworkspaces enabling improvement in workspace productivity and enhanced employeewell-being. Their partnership withpureLi-Fi, Scotland willdeliver high speed & secure data transmission through LEDluminaires.

Armed with Smart & Connected outdoor lightingsolutions, Wipro Lighting is ready to provide complete lighting infrastructurefor the upcoming Smart Cities of today.In outdoor lighting,Wipro demonstrated its intelligent and connected outdoor lighting capabilitiesfor improved public safety and comfort.

Addressing the media during the Light Show, Mr.Anuj Dhir, Vice President & Business Head, Wipro Commercial LightingBusiness, said, “It has been an incredible journey for Wipro Lightingover the last 25 years. As a leader in Lighting Solutions, we have always madesure that we provide our customers with the Gold Standard in LightingInnovation. Design & Innovation have become a way of life at Wipro andcutting edge work is happening on new products and new technologies. Internetof Lighting (IoL)® is our first step in that direction inoffering our customers best of breed solutions in Lighting & Beyond”.

Wipro Lighting showcased its range of Smart andConnected lighting solutions for indoor & outdoor applications at theLightshow with a live demonstration of the latest technology benefits usingan Interactive Wall.

They exhibited a range of state-of-art indoor lightingsolutions including the international RED DOT award winning VergeLED,newly launched OpusLED, downlighters &sensors.   

The company also demonstrated its best –in-classperformance based industrial lighting solutions for enhanced productivity andsafety.

Wipro Lighting has won several prestigious awards in2017 for its work on Product Design, Innovation & Quality Excellence. Theyinclude International seal of Quality – Red Dot Design award for outstandingdesign, Global SSL Showcase Top100, India Design Mark for certified excellencein Product Design, Frost & Sullivan award for LED lighting visionaryinnovation leadership and International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Qualityby European Society of Quality Research (ESQR)

Light Show is Wipro’s signature event for launchingits latest offerings. The daylong show evoked good response in Pune withseveral Architects, Specifiers and Corporates attending and interacting withthe Wipro team. Wipro Lighting team provided technical inputs to visitingattendees for incorporating its latest offerings in their new projects.

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