Women’s employee spectrum increases two folds in India Inc, reveals Best Companies for Women

Mumbai, 16th October 2017: Aided with best practices and policies at workplace, the 100 Best Companies for Women in India has witnessed a two-fold increase in Women’s employee spectrum in the last one year reveals the second edition of Best Companies for Women in India (BCWI) study. Conducted by AVTAR Group - India’s first diversity advocate and workplace inclusion expert and Working Mother Media, a celebrated gender-parity champion in the United States, the study shows that the women employment count currently stands at 4,67,883 among the 100 Best Companies for Women in India as compared to 2,05,236 women employees last year.

In terms of thegender diversity ratio in the 100 Best Companies, there has been a 5-percentagepoint increase from 2016 – 30.55% of the workforce of the 2017-100 BestCompanies are women (up from 25.25% in 2016). This is substantiated by asignificant increase in the hiring rates for women in the 100 Best Companies at36% - a 15% surge from last year.

Expanding thecanvas of their women oriented initiatives, 38% of the 2017-100 Best Companiesprovide support for women having postpartum depression, 20% provide support foremployees with autistic children.  67% ofthe companies have formal phase- back programs (15% up from 52% in 2016) tohelp young mothers reintegrate themselves back to work post maternity. Thestudy also states that 40% of the companies across industries have formalprograms for returning women. In tune with the increasing pattern of millennialcouples sharing familial responsibilities, 94% of the 2017-100 Best Companiesoffer fully paid paternity leave to their employees, the maximum being 56 days.

Commenting on theincrease in women’s employee spectrum, Dr. Saundarya Rajesh, Founder – President, AVTARGroup, “Corporate India’s focus on recruiting and expanding their womenemployee base is laudable. Going by the data (a 5% increase in women’srepresentation in one year), the Best Companies for Women in India may get totheir goal of gender balance in another 5-6 years’ time! Whilst it isencouraging to note that many companies have introduced new policies to retainvaluable women talent, this trend still remains nascent in traditional servicesindustry and there is a need for industries such as manufacturing andinfrastructure to leverage the opportunity of an increase in employable womentalent. In the years to come, BCWI will further strengthen the ecosystem forwomen professionals in India Inc., raising the bar each year and catalyzing itsjourney to gender balance”

Adding to this, Ms. SubhaBarry, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Working Mother Media,said “We are delighted that BCWI has set a benchmark among companies toinitiate more women inclusive polices. The impact that BCWI has created in theIndian market, where companies have recognized the need for having women in theworkforce and have diligently worked towards introducing best practices istruly remarkable. We have noticed that this is not just at an entry level butacross all levels, which is very encouraging for women employees in thecompany. I congratulate all the winning companies and hope to see a continuedexpansion of inclusive and women-friendly policies.”  

2017 Working Mother & AVTAR Best Companiesfor Women in India 2017: The List

The WorkingMother & AVTAR Best Companies for Women in India 2017 study report alsorevealed the 100 Best Companies for Women in India list. This is, strictly, analphabetical list and is NOT RANKED.The 2017 Top 10 Best Companies for Women in India are listed below (inalphabetical order):

·        ·        ·        ·        ·        ·        ·        ·        ·        ·        Tata Consultancy Services

The selection wasbased on data of highest order granularity spanning seven key policy clusters,namely, Workforce profile, Flexible work, Women’s recruitment and retention,Benefits, Paid-time, Company culture and Safety and security, as provided bythe applicant companies. 

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