Bengaluru 16th Oct 2017: A workshop on ‘Care for Dementia’ was organised jointly by KITES, the geriatrics and senior care specialist brand and CogniHealth, the digital companion for people with dementia, at the Community Hall of KITES at HSR Layout which was attended in large numbers.

Dr. ShivaKumar. R, Senior Consultant Neurologist & Epileptologist, Sakra World Hospital lead theworkshop and explained in detail about various aspect of Dementia. “We areseeing growing number of elders impacted by dementia who are now coming forwardfor professional help” says Dr Shiva Kumar. He went to add that “Not allsymptoms related to forgetting is Dementia. Memory impairment with atleast oneof the following (Aphasia, Apraxia, Agnosia & disturbance in executive functioning)and impacting activity of daily living are strong clinical symptoms ofDementia.”

The workshopoffered an opportunity for participants to understand the help that areavailable for the family & care givers at home in managing the elderimpacted with dementia better. “CogniHealth is a mobile app which has beendesigned in supporting the family living with dementia. It helps inpersonalised, guided and easy care management and better understanding of thedisease” said Ms Pooja Jain, Co-Founder CogniHealth.

MrRajagopal. G, CEO, KITES, the geriatric & senior care specialist brandaddressed the audience and explained the concept of collaborative care that isneeded in managing elders with dementia. “The elder impacted by dementia areunder the supervision of a neuro-physician. However apart from medication theelder and the family require other continuous support such as trainedhealthcare technicians to care for the elderly, cognitive engagements, physioexercises and fall risk assessment which need to be managed on a collaborativebasis” said Mr Rajagopal.

The programwas attended by a good mixed of participants including doctors, counsellors,family members of dementia patients, students & other service providers. The workshop was veryinteractive and well received. There were many questions that were addressed bythese speakers. There was a display of various assistive products to educatethe participants of availability of such help. You can get more info ondementia & its care/management at

However theyrequire other support that are required including provision of healthcaretechnicians who will support the elderly at home full time 

It isimportant to conduct a detailed identify & also appropriately classify theDementia

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