World Elders Day Celebrated in the City

Bangalore, October 3, 2017: World Elders Day was celebrated with all fun and fervor at Museum Road with participation from more than 100 senior citizens from different old age homes across the city. The elders from Ashley Care Homes, Little Sisters of the Poor and Friend in Need Society actively participated in the events and games organized by Ms. Karen Pinto.

Theentertainment extravaganza included music, dance and games suited to their ageand lifestyle. Renowned musicians Mr. Carlton Braganza, Ms. Priya Mendens andMr. Shankar performed retro hits taking the senior citizens to their yesteryearmemories. Bangalore's most admired dance troupe TeaAm 5678 choreographed abeautiful performance for the seniors.

“I lookforward to planning this beautiful day to which is completely dedicated to thesenior citizens of various old age homes across the city. It’s quite hearteningto realize how much they eagerly await this day more than anybody here. Theirexcitement and joy to be a part of this event constantly motivates me and Iwill ensure to continue this initiative just to see their broad smiles andhopefully in the process creating a memorable day in their lives”, saidMs. Karen Pinto, who has been organizing this event since last three years.

Internationalday of senior citizen is an opportunity to highlight the importantcontributions that older people make to society. Along with top artists fromthe city, children also form part of the entertainment as the seniors lovehaving them around and the kids in return learn some life altering lessons fromthem.

“We are gladto be a part of this wonderful event. It is quite fascinating to witness theenthusiasm and excitement of these elderly people while participating in eachactivity. They are a plethora of knowledge and humor that is seldom noticed bytheir own kins and in today’s fast moving world, it’s quite unfortunate thatthe younger lot do not find enough time to spend with the elder members oftheir family. By celebrating this day, we hope to spread some joy, be with themand take back beautiful memories of a day well spent with the best people. Theelders here today are an inspiration to us and have proven that age is just anumber”, said Mr. Sanjay Shenoy, Joint Managing Director, Legacy GlobalProjects, who is supporting the event.

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