World Head & Neck Cancer Day brings new insights and patient-friendly initiatives

New Delhi, July 27, 2017: To mark the occasion of World Head & Neck Cancer Day on 27th July this year, Dharmashila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, which is managed by Narayana Health, organized a series of week-long activities that included oral cancer screening camps, educational program for doctors, awareness talks and cancer survivors meet. The program was themed as ‘Samarpan – sangeet se swasthya ki aur’ that touched upon various aspects such as prevention, early detection, cancer support group and rehabilitation of patients who have undergone different types of head and neck cancer of which Oral cancer is the most common.

Thisinitiative led by Dr. Anshuman Kumar, Director – Surgical Oncology atDharmashila Narayana Superspecility Hospital witnessed participants inlarge numbers from various parts of Delhi and NCR region. The special trainingprogram comprised of doctors from dental college, chief medical officers fromvarious government organisations such as ESIC, dentists and ENT surgeons whowere informed about early detection and screening for ailments related to Headand Neck Cancer.

Dr.Anshuman in his awareness talk focussed on ‘lifestyle management skills’ andenlightened the participants on being aware of their lifestyle and habits withan emphasis on prevention being better than cure. He said, “Earlydiagnosis is very important for better treatment outcomes. Cancer is consideredas a taboo in society and thinking of it as a life-threatening disease must beremoved from the minds of people as today medical science and technology hasadvanced to create many new possibilities for accurate diagnosis and treatmentof cancer”.

Speakingabout ‘Samarpan’ – the annual program at Dharmashila Narayana SuperspecialityHospital, Dr. Anshuman said, “The goal is to encourage individuals who areat risk of oral cancer and other types of head and neck cancers to take remedialmeasures and attend screening camps conducted regularly at the hospital whereassessment is done by a multidisciplinary team of doctors to arrive at the mostappropriate and personalised holistic treatment plan for each patient”. Healso stressed upon the aspect of reducing the consumption of tobacco productsin any form and aim at eradicating the vices towards our fight against cancer.

Mr.Deepak Venugopalan, Chief Executive Officer - Dharmashila NarayanaSuperspeciality Hospital said, “At Narayana Health we believe that empoweringour patient communities to be aware of risk factors and self examination andscreening, events such as these are a reinforcement of our core beliefs”.

Dueto hectic schedules, stressful life and erratic eating habits, many individualsare unable to focus on their health and postpone regular health checks. Suchignorance or casual attitude can lead to numerous health issues with canceralso being one of them across genders and age groups.

Theweek-long activities was concluded with a cultural program by cancer survivorstitled ‘Sangeet se swasthya ki aur’, with a melodious performance by MukulVerma, a well-known singer, composer and lyricist who is a cancer survivor andan inspiration to many other fighting the disease. The gala evening alsowitnessed a performance by Dr. Radhika Chopra, a PhD doctor and singer.

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