World Heart Day. Manipal Hospitals Bangalore Organizes Awareness Drive for CRPF Jawans

Bengaluru, Sept 28, 2017: Manipal Hospitals in a bid to instill preventive heart care habits and to raise awareness about various heart ailments dedicated this ‘World Heart Day’ to the CRPF jawans of Bangalore and their family members. The ‘Heart to Heart ‘campaign was unveiled by Chief Guests Dr. S.Sujatha, DIGP (Medical), Composite Hospital, C.R.P.F, Bangalore and South Indian Actress Ms. Pranitha Subhash in the presence of Dr. Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman, Manipal Hospitals and Dr. Devananda, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, HOD & Consultant, Manipal Heart Institute.

Free health checksof blood pressure, total cholesterol, ECG, Cardiac consultations wasfacilitated across all its network Hospitals i.e. Jaipur, Goa, Vijayawada,Salem and Mangalore. Awareness talk on Prevention of Heart Diseases andCardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) – Workshop was organized to build awarenessabout the importance of healthy heart and to educate jawans on the symptoms ofheart ailments.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman Manipal Hospitalssaid, “We are happy to be servingour CRPF jawans through Heart to Heart campaign and we aim to create awarenesson heart ailments and how it can be avoided. Manipal Hospitals have always beenthe front runners in creating awareness among people on lifestyle diseases thatis plaguing our country. One small step taken towards eating healthy andexercising regularly can make a remarkable difference in our lives.” He further added, “The themethis year is ‘Share the power’ and we urge people to know the importance ofheart care and take a step forward to save the lives of their loved ones. It’snever too late to start and the earlier we start the better control we get onour health.”


Speaking on the occasion, Dr. S.Sujatha, DIGP (Medical), CompositeHospital, C.R.P.F, Bangalore, said, “Itgives us immense pleasure that Manipal Hospitals have lent their support forour CRPF jawans. It is well known that the jawans have an extremely demandingjob and they have to constantly focus on their health and fitness. Heartattacks, depression and suicides have killed more CRPF Jawans. Heartattacks have killed more Jawans (642) than the extremists have (323) in thelast five years. Through this campaign they will be able to take a positivestep towards leading a healthy life and modifying their lifestyle. Healthcheckups will certainly create awareness towards early prevention of thisdeadly lifestyle disease and motivate them to care for their heart and dedicatetime for themselves.”


Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Pranitha Subhash, South Indian Actresssaid, “I consider it my privilege tobe a part of a noble and great initiative organized by Manipal Hospitals.Considering the stressful life we all lead, it is important for us to becautious and adopt preventive measures to keep heart ailments at bay.  Alittle awareness and strong will can go a long way in making the right choicesfor you and your loved ones. I sincerely urge each one of you to make the mostof your life by following healthy regime and live a fulfilling life”

In the year 2015Manipal Hospitals conducted free heart scans for 10000 people in a span of 8hours and entered the Asia book of records, Limca book of records, India bookof records, India Gunnies Records and World RecordsIndia.


India is currently witnessing nearly two million heartattacks a year and majority of the victims are youngsters. Men living in citiesare three times more prone to heart attacks than people living in villages. Asfor women, the risk rises significantly after menopause. Diabetes, smoking,high blood pressure, genetic history, lifestyles, especially the higher intakeof carbohydrate rich foods and lack of regular physical exercise are otherfactors that lead to heart attack. 

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