World’s first Gesture based workflow automation device, The KAI launches on Indegogo this May.

Chennai, India, May 28, 2018: Vicara hopes to raise $100,000 to bring gesture control to widespread business and consumer market.

Today KAI launches on the crowdfunding site Indegogo. Starting from $129 for early birdspecial. The KAI is a gesture based wearable controller that enhances intuitivedigital interaction.  

The Kai harnesses natural bodylanguage to provide a revolutionary digital interaction experience. It enablescreative professionals and enthusiasts alike to seamlessly interact with theirdigital environment. Navigate your desktop, browse through the web, flickthrough photos or play games and do everything you do in a normal day -- allwith the wave of your hand or the flick of your finger. 

AbhishekSatish, Co-Founder & Inventor at Vicara, explains: “Interaction with thedigital environment has been restricted to a mouse and keyboard for over 60years.  With the rise of AR/VR as a new medium of interaction and thesevere time constraints in the professional creative market space, the typicalmedium of interaction does not optimize the productivity of users.  Agesture based interaction device like the KAI can process the power of naturalbody language to interact with your digital world more intuitively than anyproduct in the market today. We are super excited to share it with theIndiegogo community and have them help us nurture this unique technology”. 

Specs:The product isessentially a sensor based wearable that uses a 9 axis IMU (Invensense) andinvisible light sensors to sense the movement of your hand and fingers. 

The data is relayed via a Bluetoothmodule to our proprietary desktop app UI designed on Sketch 3 and Principle anddeveloped on the ElectronJS framework, Java and Bootstrap.

The instructions for the hardwarehave been coded in Embedded C on the ARM Cortex M architecture.

The entire technology has beendesigned to fit on a board smaller than the size of your palm.

The body will be made of highgrade Injection moulded ABS enclosed in a premium replaceable soft touchsilicone sleeve.

You can back The KAI on now;starting at $129 for the Super Early Bird adopters. TheKAI is designed in Singapore, assembled inIndonesia and manufactured in China.

The uniqueness of the KAI is dualfold. On the hardware side, the KAI has a unique inbuilt non-obtrusive fingertracking mechanism– That means KAI is currently the only device out there thatcan accurately track your fingers and your hand without cameras. On thesoftware side, the KAI provides complete customizability from within itsapplication. This enables KAI to be compatible with ANY desktop app from theget go. 

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