World’s youngest Grand Master in chess D.Gukesh was felicitated in Chennai

Chennai, Jan 18, 2019: D. Gukesh, became the World’s youngest Grand Master in chess, was felicitated in Chennai today, He achieved this feat at the age of 12 years, 7 months and 17 days at Delhi International Open Grandmasters chess tournament on 15th Jan 2019. This function was hosted and sponsored by Microsense Private limited.

Felicitating Gukesh, Mr.S.Kailasanathan , Managing Director ,Microsense Private Limited said, “We are proud of Gukesh and are sure he will continue to take Indian chess to greater heights. Gukesh has once again made chess, national news. As a committed sponsor of chess talents for several years,  Microsense shares in the pride and joy of India.”

Microsense has been supporting promising Chess talents for many years including chess Grand Masters, R Praggnanandhaa, Arvind Chidambaram, Divya Deshmukh current World under 12 girls champion, Leon Mendonca, Pranesh as well as established super GMs Bhaskar Adhiban and Harikrishna.

Microsense founder Kailash himself has been a Tamil Nadu chess champion in 1972 as well as played for West Bengal and Delhi in the early seventies

Chennai headquartered Microsense,  is the country's leading  Wi-Fi Service Provider (WISP) as well as being a global technology player.

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