Young Achiever Too good at numbers

Hyderabad, December 18, 2018. She is just 8 years. Numbers are her forte. She is a quick calculator of mathematical sums—additions, subtractions, multiplications.

The city’s Priya Jain emerged as the Champion from Telangana State at the recently concluded National Championship, SIP Prodigy, the 15th National Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition held in the city.

Kelvin Tham, Founder of SIP Academy from Malaysia presented her the award.  Her parents too joined to receive the award.

A resident of Malkajgiri, Priya Jain competed with 3750 participants who came from 22 states of India. She emerged as the Champion for the Level 4.  She is studying in 4th standard at Secunderabad Public School.

Priya Jain is the lone Medal winner out of 1700 kids participated in the contest.   And she brought laurels to the state, stated the elated parents Anil and Shilpa Jain.

I had no dreams and no expectations.  My mom and dad too didn’t have any expectation.  Like Maths.  Even joining Abacus classes was my decision.  My parents never forced me. 

There was a lot of competition. But, I enjoyed it says the cool and composed Priya.  I have imbibed this quality from my father.   I prepared for six months for the Championship. Initially I was nervous, but, I got settled in a minute and calculated sums so fast that I could complete 125 in just five minutes.  I thank everyone who helped me achieve this. I want to go upto Grandmaster Level and win more such championships said Priya Jain. 

I like Science.  I would like to become a Doctor says Priya. She likes to go out with parents or go to grand ma’s place during holidays. She is fond of Biryani.  The Biryani made by Granny is the best I cherish,  says Priya. 

For many students develop fear to work with numbers or maths concepts.  That also adds fear and stress.  Bust our ladly beti Priya  is not like that.  She is a self taught girl.  Well mannered.  Unlike her peers, she doesn’t miss a single class. She is a keen observer and a meticulous planner, says proudly her mother Shilpa.

When we go to super bazaar to buy some house hold items, groceries, Priya becomes a calculator and tells us instantly the total amount even before the item is scanned, explains Shilpa very proudly mathematical skills of her daughter.   

Many kids hate Math?”. It is the most discussed problem between the parents and among the teaching community.   Some even coined a name Innumeracy, meaning  an inability to deal with numbers. On the flip side of this, there are some, whom I call math genius.  Priya well deserves it says Uma Swaminathan, State Head of SIP Academy India that has been working to develop the mathematical and computational skills of Children across India.

Maths are very abstract. The number two is a two and doesn’t have a shape.  So unlike Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, they cant seen numbers because they don’t have shape. SIP Academy India teaches them visualization skills, which help them to visualize properly for solving a mathematical problem.  Kids like Priya Jain and many who took part in the contest were very good at visualization skills. They imagined the numbers in the air, wrote answers to the sums in jiffy and could finish 125 sums in just 5 minutes. Which I can proudly say is faster than calculator. 

“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics” says Uma.

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