YouTube sensation Sahil Khattar to host app’s incredibly popular game show QuizBiz

New Delhi, February 6, 2018: How can “a common man” win INR 10 lakh? Simple: Log onto the app, play QuizBiz, and let Sahil Khattar explain the rest in the outrageously funny manner only he can pull off! On 7th of February, the man behind popular YouTube videos such as Every Punjabi Guy in the World and Punjabis on the Phone will host the latest session of QuizBiz, a unique and one-of-its-kind live Indian quiz game show on the app. Users will be at the receiving end of their favorite star’s matchless one-liners and irreverent sense of humor live, and will also have an unparalleled chance to win INR 10,00,000/- in prize money. users can redeem the winnings from the quiz show using PayPal or by converting them to LiveMe coins.

Developedand offered by Cheetah Mobiles, the maker of popular utility apps such as CleanMaster, CM Security, and Battery Doctor, the app is India’s firstlive broadcasting platform. QuizBiz is the app’s most popularcontent offering, attracting audiences with famous hosts, challengingquestions, and, most importantly, a massive cash prize! The app has alreadycreated a lot of buzz by introducing stars and social influencers as hosts ofQuizBiz, such as popular actor Guarav Gera, who has been hosting theQuizBiz sessions for the past 3 weeks. Sahil Khattar, being an icon of themillennials, fits right in.

Commentingon the announcement, Yuki He, CEO, said, “SahilKhattar is a famous name among millennials today and his acts have beenappreciated across various audience demographics. His observational humor andinnate ability to make every communication great is something the participantsshould look forward to during the upcoming QuizBiz session. Additionally, withthe season’s highest prize money of INR 10 lakh up for grabs, the latestQuizBiz session is an offer we firmly believe our users cannot refuse!”

Sahil, whostarted out his career as a radio jockey in Chandigarh, has been in theentertainment industry for a long time. He has written the script/dialogues forvarious Bollywood award ceremonies such as Filmfare, and has alsobeen featured amongst the Top 10 YouTube Superstars in 2016. With Sahil at thehelm, participants can be sure of a riveting quizzing session interspersed withdollops of humor!

Users candownload the app via Google Play and App Store, and they caneven access Cheez on the platform, a new social video app dedicated to creating,sharing and discovering short videos up to 17 seconds long. The app includes avariety of engaging features such as Dance Off, a game-like function whichdisplays a scrolling set of dance moves for the user to replicate. apphas been making all the right noises in the live broadcasting and streamingevent domain in India, and has already amassed a huge 35 million+user base. The platform can be followed on FacebookInstagram and can be downloaded on Android, or iOS. Enriched by the spontaneous reactions, live engagementand top-quality, completely unscripted content, app promises tointroduce India to the world of live entertainment, allowing them to live the‘LIVE’ life!

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