YouWeCan foundation announces new initiatives on International Day of Sport for Development

10th April, 2018: As we celebrate the UN initiative of International day of Sport for development and peace today, it has a close synergy with Yuvraj Singh in many ways. Yuvraj has supported UNICEF development initiatives in the past and continues to do so with his work via his NGO –YOUWECAN. Founded in 2009, YouWeCan (Yuvraj Singh Foundation) works in three primary areas of health, education and sports.

The primary goal ofthe foundation rests in a cause close to his heart – cancer awareness andprevention. Today, the foundation is successfully expanding two importantinitiatives – ‘Gift a smile’ – activating youth towards cancer awareness andcancer detection camps.

I feel blessed toraise cancer awareness with these important initiatives at the YouWeCanfoundation on the occasion of the International Day of Sports for Developmentand peace. I stand as an example myself of how sports can change a persons lifeand enable them to fight against all odds. I hope to be able to aid thedevelopment of a more cancer aware society around me with these initiatives andfind ways to support cancer survivors. Together, we can all make adifference.” said Yuvraj Singh, star cricketer and founder ofYouWeCan.

The Gift a Smilecampaign is intended to sensitise and mobalise youth from schools, colleges,educational institutions and corporates to join hands and raise funds andawareness for the underprivileged cancer patients. This campaign intends tosupport people suffering from cancer as well their care givers and cancersurvivors. The first step involves sensitising the students and volunteers tothe subject and second aspect is to involve them in a fund raising exercisedirectly supporting cancer patients to celebrate special occasions and aidtreatment. The Campaign envisages to take the YouWeCan initiative to the youthand inculcating the values of helping others from an early age.

The foundation alsoopens doors to several cancer detection camps, which shall work relentlesslytowards providing early detection services to the underprivileged communitiesfocussing on oral cancer screening and breast cancer screening. In every CancerScreening Camp, breast cancer screening will be done through I Breast Exams – anon – invasive and painless breast health test that offers standardised breastexamination accurately. Approximately 120 cancer detection camps acrossdifferent locations and approximately 105000 people from underprivilegedbackgrounds will directly benefit from these camps.

The YouWeCanFoundation is also in the process of collaborating with various hospitalsacross India for providing treatment to cancer patients who are below povertyline and cannot afford the medical treatment  for themselves or theirfamily members. The intention is to sponsor their treatment and help them in afaster and healthy recovery.

With these twoinitiatives the YouWeCan foundation aims to widespread its reach to aid cancerafflicted families via activating the youth and initiating early detectioncamps.

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