Yuva at Sankara College of Optometry Pledge to Reclaim Bangalore

Bangalore, January 12, 2017: Bengaluru is going through a difficult phase. Incidents of abuse and apathy leave us with widespread insecurity and wondering about the future of Bangalore. Looking beyond the rhetoric and sloganeering, theYuva Chapter (Young Indians) at Sankara College of Optometry organised two unique sessions.

MisogIndia – India of Draupadi or India of Jyoti?, was conducted by Ms Divya Susan an Intercultural Communications Trainer and a Scholar in Advanced Studies in Intercultural Communications at the University of Lugano. Using role-play Divya was able to get the audience to be aware of women in Indian culture & their deterioration thereof. She also allowed the audience to ponder on the changes that men & women need to make in the present social scenario for a better & more equal society. 

“From a society where women were equal to men and revered, we have become a society that at times subjugates them. Our culture is old enough and strong enough not to be influenced by other external influences. As future citizens we need to ensure that young women know their worth. Men need to be taught to be self sufficient. While women need to exercise their strengths, men need to control their ego. When faced with an uncomfortable situation or when you see another person being ill-treated girls need to speak up, men need to stand up. We all have a responsibility to make the change today” said Ms Divya Susan an Intercultural Communications Trainer and a Scholar in Advanced Studies in Intercultural Communications at the University of Lugano. 

“It is important for our students to not only be the best professionals, but also the best human beings and global citizens. This programme by Young Indians at Sankara reinforced Human Values among the youth who are the major stakeholders of the future of this country.” Dr Kaushik Murali, President Sankara Eye Foundation and CoChair Young Indians Bangalore Chapter(CII). 

This was followed by a motivational talk by Swamy Bhavaropanadaji, a senior monk from Ramakrishna Mission.  He got introduced to Ramkrishna Mission in 1957 and became a monk in 1974. He has worked across India. 

Rajesh,Chair Young Indians (CII) Bangalore Chapter shared, “Swami Vivekananda personified theeternal energy of the youth. It is important that we trigger a self-transformationamong the youths to see the dream of a prosperous India come true. We lookforward to conducting more such programmes among colleges in Bangalore.” 

Every yearsince 1985, the Government of India observes 12th January, the BirthAnniversary of Swami Vivekananda as National Youth Day. To quote from theGovernment of India's Communication, “It was felt that the philosophy ofSwamiji and the ideals for which he lived and worked could be a great source ofinspiration for the Indian Youth.” 

Yuva is ayouth leadership development initiative of Young Indians, under the aegis ofthe Confederation of Indian Industry. With a vision to synergize students andtheir energy for positive action, Yuva through various activities engages over7500 students across India in nation building. 

SankaraCollege of Optometry is part of the Sankara Eye Foundation. Rated among thepremier optometry colleges in the country, students are enrolled to train aseye care visionaries from across the world. The college is affiliated to theRajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and the World Council of Optometry.

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