Zee Kannada’s Comedy Khiladigalu 2 Grand Finale is sure to leave you in splits this weekend!

Aching to know who the next Comedy Khiladi is? Tune-in this Sunday, 24th June, at 6.00 PM to witness the closure of this laughing riot of a show, only on Zee Kannada

Bangalore,19th June 2018: After months of high dose laughter, Zee Kannada is allset to offer its final laughter capsule with the Grand Finale of its super-hitcomedy reality show and competition – Comedy Khiladigalu Season 2!

For thefirst time in the history of the Kannada General Entertainment Channel market,Zee Kannada hosted a mammoth Grand Finale in Bijapur which witnessed by morethan 25000 people attend the event from the town.

The firstleg of the programme saw one of Zee Kannada’s most sought-after anchors, MasterAnand, perform to some lively and popular retro numbers. The prestigious panelof judges Jaggesh, Yograt Bhat and Rakshita made a legendary entry onstage withsome energetic performances.

The successof any show is measured based on the contestants who put their best footforward every single time. The seven finalists included Appanna,Manu Madenoor, Mantanna, Sadhanandh, Suraj, Vani Chenaraya Patanna, Surya,Barkath Ali, Chidambar Raunchier and Raghu who received a roaringwelcome as they entered the stage before their performances. With a total offour skits performed in groups, the ultimate winner was chosen based on fiftypercent from SMS voting that was open to the public till 11.45 PM on17th June, and the rest from scores awarded to each individualby the three judges. The highlight of the evening was that, of the four skitsperformed by the finalists, one was Raju Talikoti’s highly-acclaimed KaliyugadaKuduka.

The biggestsurprise for the crowd in BIjapur was Raju Talikoti himself, the Grand Finaleguest of honor. One of Sandalwood’s favorite comedian hailing from this modesttown of Bijapur, Talikoti left the audience with their stomachs aching from allthe laughter with his act from his Kaliyugada Kuduka along with Jaggesh, whoimpersonated his character from the movie, Eddelu Manjunatha; this set the pacefor an evening of laughter and mirth!

were highlyhumorous performances by Comedy Khiladigalu finalists – Appanna,Manu Madenoor, Mantanna, Sadhanandh, Suraj, Vani Chenaraya Patanna, Surya,Barkath Ali, Chidambar Raunchier and Raghu that left audienceerupting in laughter and gasping for breath. These comedians were judged fortheir individual performance by judges as well as the audience through SMSvoting.

Commentingon the grand finale, Raghavendra Hunsur, Business Head, Zee Kannada said,“Comedy Khiladigalu has proved time again to be our viewers’ favorite weekendshow, thanks to the hilariously fantastic performances by our talentedparticipants in the last two seasons. It is said that laughter is the bestmedicine and the second season’s grand finale amply proven that this show istruly a stressbuster! I hope our audiences enjoyed the show as much as weenjoyed making it. We hope to be back soon with something bigger, that will benothing short of fantastic!”

 Tune-in to the Grand Finale telecast on 24th June at 6.00 PM to witness thesefinalists battle it out, leaving the audience erupting in laughter and gaspingfor breath, only on Zee Kannada 

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