Zee Kannada’s Vidya Vinayaka goes to Italy!

Bangalore, 23rd February, 2018: Zee Kannada, leading Kannada General Entertainment Channel (GEC) in Karnataka, goes abroad with Vidya Vinayaka. The recently launched fictional show that gained high popularity amongst its viewers has jumped leaps and bounds, all the way across the world to Italy for the next phase of Vidya and Vinayaka’s life together.

The two characters with contrasting personalitiesstrangely end up tying the knot due to a set of unusual circumstances. The unsettled Vidya, with the strong multi-faceted character that Vinayaka is,both find it utterly difficult to accept themselves as a couple. As lovingfamilies are commonly known to stepping-in during hardships, theirs interferedto help enhance their relationship by flying them to Italy as an excuse fortheir honeymoon.

Indian regional television is always inclined togiving their audience a taste of the world; his is the very first time aKannada general entertainment channel is shooting in the magnificent landscapesof Italy. Vidya Vinayaka is creating a whole lot of ‘firsts’, with a guestappearance of actor Dileep Raj, producer and director of Vidya Vinayaka. Knownfor its unique offering, Vidya Vinayaka will widen its entertainment componentfor the audience and feature Italy for about 2 weeks’ worth of episodes,displaying the progress in their relationship as a married couple. Would thistrip change their relationship status and would this blossom into a friendshipbetween the two is something that the viewers will have to wait for.

Commenting on the episode, Actor Dileep Raj,Producer, and Director said, “With Vidya Vinayaka being a relatively newfiction show, we are thrilled to be taking it overseas! We will always rememberthis as a turning-point for a lot of us at the Vidya Vinayaka team, as thefirst ones to take Kannada television to Europe, with a promise to Kannadaaudiences around the world that this is just the beginning.” 

 Watch DileepRaj create magic with Vidya Vinayaka in Italy, every Monday to Friday at 8pm, only on Zee Kannada 

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