ZeOmega® Introduces EldriCare™ to Help Doctors Bridge Gaps in Care and Execute Tailored Care

15th February 2018, Bangalore: ZeOmega®, an industry leader in population health management (PHM) solutions servicing healthcare organizations throughout the United States, announced today the opening of its new sister company—EldriCare™. Based in Bangalore and servicing all of India, EldriCare creates and coordinates personalized care plans that help improve outcomes and lower costs for the most complex populations suffering from high burden of disease. With the goal of enhancing people’s lives by effectively engaging them to improve their own health, Eldricare will facilitate follow-up care programmes using multi-channel engagement campaigns that connect with patients via telephone, mail, text, web chat, and/or interactive voice recognition outreach.

The innovativetechnology and outstanding care management services offered by Eldricare comeat a critical time for India. According to the IndianJournal of Medical Research, “India faces a severe shortage of specialists,both for its rural and urban services, and to strengthen its position in themedical world. Despite the population explosion (population has tripled sinceIndependence), the ratio of doctor to public is now 1:1800. India iswitnessing fast demographic changes which will soon result in a deluge oflifestyle disorders (cardiovascular disorder, diabetes, and cancer, etc.).By 2025, India may become the world's diabetic capital. Management of lifestyledisorders needs continuous long-term interaction of patients withhighly-skilled trained doctors and not just a primary health worker.” 

To helpovercome these challenges, Eldricare will support patients suffering from bothchronic and acute conditions by leveraging Jiva™, the end-to-endPHM platform created by its parent company, ZeOmega. 

Jiva isa one-stop shop solution that addresses:

·         Programdesign and governance.

·         Dataaggregation and integration.

·         Actionableintelligence.

·         Holistic,patient-centered care management.

·         Stakeholderengagement. 

Theinteroperability-enabled, innovative technology within Jiva allows doctors,nurses, pharmacists, other healthcare providers and patients to appropriatelyaccess and securely share a patient’s vital medical informationelectronically—improving the speed, quality, safety, and cost of patient care. 

MSRamaiah Memorial Hospitals is the first client of Eldricare in Bangalore, India touse Jiva to improve care management. For now, Eldricare will be supporting thehospital’s diabetes clinic. But with time, Eldricare will expand its servicesto other specialty areas of the hospital. 

“In India,there is a rise in number of patients suffering from chronic illness—diabetesbeing the most common of all,” says Dr. Naresh Shetty, President, MSRamaiah Hospitals. “Patients suffering from chronic illnesses needdedicated follow-up care and lifestyle management, but to make that happen,doctors and hospitals must take on extra tasks. With our ratio of only 1 doctorper 1,800 people, that simply is not possible without help. Eldricare offersthe crucial support we need. We are glad to partner with Eldricare. Serviceslike these will help both patients and doctors throughout country.”

“Chronicconditions are impacted by social determinants of health,” says Dr. Mala Dharmalingam,Professor and Head of the Department of Endocrinology at MS RamaiahMemorial. “By engaging with patients in their environment, Eldricarehelps ensure patients are compliant with medications and knowledge of thedisease, thereby improving overall health status of our patients.”

“We areexcited to be partnering with MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital to help heightenhealth outcomes,” says Mr. Sam Rangaswamy, Founder and ChiefExecutive Officer for ZeOmega. “Given the current doctor-to-patient ratioin India, there is less coordination between healthcare providers.Increasingly, patients with multiple chronic conditions see more than onedoctor. To add to the challenge, most hospitals/doctors do not use ElectronicMedical Records (EMRs), and the ones that do use EMRs do not share theinformation with other doctors. Furthermore, their medical information is notalways consolidated. This increases the possibility of repetitive tests,unnecessary visits to the emergency rooms, and preventable readmissions—thusgiving way to poor health outcomes. Follow-up care and medication reconciliationis extremely important to improving health. The advanced technology offered byEldricare will help patients manage their medical data while allowingphysicians easy access to that health information.” 

“Looking atthe current, Indian-healthcare scenario, there is a need for advancedhealthcare technologies that can manage the requirements of the country,”says Anand Kumar Tiwari, Senior Director-Product Management forZeOmega. “Having worked in global markets for a long time, we realizedthat the projects that have helped global markets to grow and streamline theirhealthcare services could also be brought to India’s market. With EldriCare, weaim to empower patients to improve their health and well-being. And by doingso, we hope to become India’s leading total PHM service provider.” 

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